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    Ya, right. As if there isn't any gays in Russia. Violence is not specialized just here. We have freedom of speech so it's heard all over the world. Our "dirty laundry" is aired for all to see. We can't hide our mishaps or cover up like they can and now they're having a harder time too.

    That's called propaganda - junk info about the fall of the United States.

    Yes, we're in hard times but that's when Men come out and stand for what's Right and True not for cowards to become leaders. This country is founded on hard times and as underdogs. We'll all have to make sacrafices in the coming future - everyone tighten their belts and buckle down. It's going to be a bit rough for a few years.

    So to be clear we're not the only one's going through the hard times - this is a global economy and it's effecting everyone in every country.
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    We would just rebuild it, better than it was when it fell.
    Because the culprits would run to Russia, and feel right at home until they got sent to prison camps.

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