What if you can not buy ammo anymore???

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by 19 Adam, Mar 24, 2012.

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    I think there will be a time VERY soon where you will have to pay a high premium for ammo or the regulations and taxes will make it unavailable to purchase retail.

    In order to prepare founknownwn I wanted to learn how to reload ammo so if I had access to empty brass I could reload like they did in the old days like the Lone Ranger.

    After reading several articles and a couple of on-line books about reloading I realized that I was as qualified to reload ammo as I was to relprescriptionsions.

    After much research on this forum I found JohnH!

    A buddy and I contacted him on the forum and got in line for one of his reloading classes. The Saturday finally arrived and we drove to John's house in Milwaukie for the class. I have been in many armorer classes and all sorts of LE traintactics tacitcs. This class was by far the best, most informative class I have had in firearms. JohnH knows reloading and is a fun and entertaining instructor.

    We learned how to load ammo one round at a time on the single stage equipment and then we were given a demonstrationonstration on the Dillion machines where you can crank out over 1,000 rounds per hour. Great class and now I am ready and able to reload ammo if the supply ever becomes hard to get.

    Food is first, but a stable long term supply of ammo is very important. The rain will always bring us clean water, but, with the stroke of a pen ammo could become very expensive or impossible to buy. Learn how to reload!

    I will be happy to answer any questions about the class or the armorer classes I have taken. Just PM me.
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    welcome to the club......now on to casting.....LOL
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    If factory loaded ammo ever got that restrictive, you have to think reloading components would follow suit. If one had stockpiled components before that happens, it is still a finite quantity unless one is fortunate enough to have the money and space to store a lifetimes plus worth of components. Granted there are a few who are capable of that, by and large the majority will try to conserve what components they have. Gone will be the days of going weekly to the range to shoot off hundreds of rounds in practice and recreation. I hope to never see that happen.
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    Stockpile Primers, Brass, Powder. Add a good bullet mold to the "pile".

    In the end, a stockpile won't really need to be that big. If you ever have to dig into it everything will be resolved real quick, and for good.

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