What hearing protection do you guys use?

Joe Link

My dad bought me a pair of the electronic ear muffs for Christmas last year and they work pretty well, but I've seen some that look much less bulky and probably have a better seal. I'm also curious to know how well some of the in-the-ear solutions work. Right now Jenny uses some cheap ear muffs in addition to ear plugs and I'd like to find her something better as well. What do you guys use?
I've been using Pro Ears since their first release in the early 1990's. Soon all the OFA staff started wearing them and now we carry them in the Pro Shop. They're great! I even wear them hunting as I can hear better plus protect my detererrating hearing. Pro Ear's has the ablility to select up to four different sound settings besides the volume control. Also they come with connector to hook up a cell phone, ipod etc.
I suppose it all depends upon what "spendy" means...I got my first pair in the early 90's and I use them weekly - hard core and in every weather condition imaginable. I still have them and now loan them out to students to try before they buy. With the amount of training we do, we see a lot of different brands at the Academy. The Pro Ear's have held up extremely well. Now that OFA is a dealer I've had some maintenance training and if there is a problem generally it is an easy fix.

I've had mine thrown on the ground, dropped, ground into the gravel, kicked, sat on...you name it. They have held up well so that is a bargin in my book - cheaper than continually buying new ones as replacement.

If you buy them and then only use them once in a while I concur they would be a spendy investment. Whereas I use them for my occupation I think they're a bargin. Also these things are amazing...with 16 to 18 rifles going off for a drill I can hear the frogs croaking and even people walking up behind me. Amazing technology!

OBTW, several of our students are graduate level electronic engineers and Pro Ears are the brand they wear. I don't know if that means anything but the two I know well both said these are great gear.
why are you kicking your ear protection?
It isn't intentional...one time during an entry drill they got knocked off my head and in the haste of the drill one the guys in the stack kicked them across the gravel in front of him. :s0112:

Hey there is nuth'n wrong with the ol' orange marshmellow plugs or el cheapos muffs...I'm dating myself here but when I first got started training many years ago we didn't wear any hearing protection...now I'm paying for it in spades. That is why I don't skimp on the Pro Ears.
I use ear plugs in the summer and the electronic ones in the winter I have the Remington 2000 they work great midway and cabelas put them on sale fairly regular for about 75-80 bucks

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Cigarette filters work if you're in a pinch. They're not as effective but they do cut down on alot of the noise. We used to use them all the time in the Infantry on our firing side so we could still hear commands being called out.


Nothing - Already deaf!! - Not really but interestingly a life time of shooting has NOT dramatically affected my hearing. A few years ago I developed an uncontrollable ear infection in my right ear which resulted in my having to get a tube put in for drainage. Other than the hearing loss due to the tube in the eardrum my hearing was fine - and actually better in the higher frequencies as I used to be plagued by hearing telephones ringing in peoples houses some distance away (when the cordless, electronic sounding phones were popular in the 80's - 90's) Anyway I recently had the tube removed and my hearing in the ear is getting better so I do use inexpensive ear muffs. It's all I need.
I use dillon precisions old electronic style, they are the same as the peltor tactical 6s. I like them, and they seem to work well in all situations. I also have a pair of surefire sonic defender ear plugs, they are comfortable and get used more in the summer when its hot.


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