posted this on M4... figured you guys would probably appreciate it more though. the rest of the United States has no idea what blacktails are, or why they're special...


spend hundreds in gas scouting in the pre-season.. take a week off work... get up at 3am to head out into the dark, damp, oh-so-cold wilderness and sit in the rain for hours and hours, arms cramping, eyes quivering from staring through binos at each tree stump and rock and patch of tall grass for 15 minutes straight, each... aching for a shot at a decent buck...

when all you really need is a few apple trees in your own backyard.


heard some banging out by the tool shed at about 3am this morning. we've got any number of critters, including deer, who poke around and eat our apples, cherries and plubs in the wee hours.. i'll usually ignore it, but if the wife hears, i'm going back there with my carbine. spotted these two blacks nibbling up my apples. not great pics, but all i had was a m951 and a little kodak easyshare....

not trophy bucks by any means.. 2x2 and 3x3.. but the bigger guy is definitely takeable. in these parts, he's about as good as you're gonna get. real good lookin, too- fat, smooth, real nice coat. and absolutely no fear of me and my puny little 10.5 LMT. he just kept right on eating- probably could have walked right up to him, but i didn't feel like taking an antler to the gut this morning.

his little buddy looked plenty healthy too, but need another year or two to grow another fork and fatten up. but i'm sure some redneck bubblegum will take him from his truck with a spotlight at 2am before he gets a chance. poaching is BIG around here.
Saw 'em over on M4 - great coat and good looking meat on the bigger guy. Tell you what though, if you want to save that other guy from the poachers, truss him up and drag him down to some of the public land around Eugene, PM me a general location and I'll make sure they don't get the chance. I haven't had more than around $80 to spend for gas and sundries this pre-season.

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