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What Does It Take For SBS?


What form would I need to convert a firearm to a short-barreled shotgun? Is such a thing possible, or is it once a firearm, always a firearm?
Youll need to fill out an ATF 5320.1 (Form-1) to manufacture a NFA item.


All firearms are “firearms”, but there’s different classifications of “firearms”...

Read the following link to answer your “once a firearm always a firearm” question since you’d be taking a Title-1 (non-NFA item) firearm and making/manufacturing a Title-2 (NFA item) firearm from it.

What is a Title 1 Firearm? What is a Title 2 Firearm?

Hope that helps! :s0155:
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Are SBSs legal in WA? I recall back when they were working to legalize SBRs in WA there was talk about there not being support to legalize both at the same time. Never paid attention to how that turned out.


Well rats!
Sorry about the vague "firearm" term That is what the V3 TAC 13 is designated as. I was hoping to put a stock on it but not if it involves going to jail.
What form would I need to convert a firearm to a short-barreled shotgun?
You want ATF Form 1 and supporting documents. It is actually super easy. The wait is, naturally a pain in the rump, but once done you can complete your build.

Is such a thing possible, or is it once a firearm, always a firearm?
I'm not sure I follow the question. If you are asking if an NFA-registered short-barrel shotgun can be reverted to a standard, Title I shotgun, yes. From the NFA Handbook:

Section 2.5 Removal of firearms from the scope of the NFA by modification/elimination of components. Firearms, except machineguns and silencers, that are subject to the NFA fall within the various definitions due to specific features. If the particular feature that causes a firearm to be regulated by the NFA is eliminated or modified, the resulting weapon is no longer an NFA weapon. For example, a shotgun with a barrel length of 15 inches is an NFA weapon. If the 15- inch barrel is removed and disposed of, the remaining firearm is not subject to the NFA because it has no barrel. Likewise, if the 15 inch barrel is modified by permanently attaching an extension such that the barrel length is at least 18 inches and the overall length of the weapon is at least 26 inches, the modified firearm is not subject to the NFA. NOTE: an acceptable method for permanently installing a barrel extension is by gas or electric steel seam welding or the use of high temperature silver solder having a flow point of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.
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