What do you do with your pistol when you hit the head?

I'm sure you've got a pair of socks that's missing one. Much simpler solution. :rolleyes: :D
Or you could make an elephant costume with one...

Ernie_DIY elephant.jpg
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Hey, who are we to judge, if you got it, Rock It!

Those that brag the loudest need the most "help" as it were!

Why yes, that's a double stack long slide 1911 in my pants! :s0140:
I meant sarcasm coming from me, but even in sarcasm there were kernels of truth.

I agree that the loudest talkers are most of the time projecting more than they possess. And regardless of what equipment everyone is working with, if they learn to use it well, that can make the greatest difference.

Training, as it were, applies to nearly everything in life, not just guns. :)
I leave my pants buttoned and loosen my belt then only lower my pants to like right below my knees and kinda push out wards with my legs creating a tension in my pants fabric and belt this holding my gun and holster above the lign of sight and off the floor.
This is what I do.

With my old belt with standard buckle I punched an extra hole at the tip of the belt to hook the buckle on. Drop pants just under knees and spread legs to tighten belt. Never have to touch my OWB carry guns. I have a slide buckle on my current belt and I just run it out to the end and re tighten the buckle.

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