What do you do with your pistol when you hit the head?

I pocket carry a DB9, LCP or Keltec P32 so I seldom have an issue. With the DiamondBack DB9 being the heaviest it is the most cumbersome for #2 but I just spread my legs to hold up my pants when I am sitting. Before COVID when I worked in an office instead of home I pocket carried my P32 at the office which is about the same weight as a big wallet. Secure but fast pocket holsters are a must to keep the carry piece in my pocket.

I rarely carry my .45 XDS (Pretty much only when I go to the big city) which is too big for my pocket so I carry IWB. It is still light enough and my IWB holted clips in tight enough that I don't have a problem.

I only carry my compact 45 XD mod 2 in the woods or when camping. I keep it close at hand next to me in case someone wants to surprise me in a compromising position... in my arm pit if nothing else is available.

MANY years ago I tried carrying full size or compact weapons I found I never had them on me when going out. Now that I carry pocket sized pistols I pretty much NEVER leave the house without a gun. Even if it is just to take the garbage can to the street.
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I just give it to my cat to hold...

Charli in pants.jpg
One trick is to hang out with smaller stature people, then your equipment seems “huge” comparatively.

Sounds like Somebody is compensating for something here! :p
Might wanna get a Banana hammock for that piece! :s0140:
I'm sure you've got a pair of socks that's missing one. Much simpler solution. :rolleyes: :D

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