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What do CCW holders do when they are pulled over?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Phillyfan, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Phillyfan

    Phillyfan Oregon City, Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I don't always carry, but when I do I sometimes think of how best to handle this situation if it comes up. I realize that I am not legally obligated to inform the officer that I am armed, but feel it is the polite/smart thing to do. So do I just say "Hello officer, it shouldn't be an issue, but I feel I should let you know that I have a CCW and am currently armed."?

    With all that has happened in the last few weeks I would understand and even hope that these men and women are on edge a little bit concerning their safety. What do you guys think?
  2. MarkSBG

    MarkSBG Beaverton Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I was pulled over about a month ago and did what I had always planned. I offered him my CCW and my ODL as identification while keeping my hands on the steering wheel. He asked if I was carrying currently. I said, "Yes, on my right hip". He said, "Just leave it there." That was the end of it.

    I think it is prudent to keep all surprises to a minimum when dealing with an on duty LEO. They have way too much to worry about without having to get surprised when they just happen to notice.
  3. macnewbie

    macnewbie Bellevue New Member

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    As a new CPL holder I have been wondering about this too. What I have heard suggested (and the routine I have rehearsed in my mind if I should ever find myself in this situation) is to hand the CPL to the officer at the bottom of a stack containing my DL, registration and insurance, and let the officer decide how he wants to handle the situation.

    I'd love to hear what others (esp. any LEO's on the forum) think about this.
  4. BooKilla

    BooKilla Portland, OR Member

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    It is best to hand LEO's your drivers license and CHL together. No need to say anything else. They'll usually ask you where it is and then ask you to keep your hands on the steering wheel. Your CHL is your good guy card. It lets them know that you have been through an extensive background check. It's always a good idea to present it too them, as apposed to them asking you about it.
  5. theLEMband

    theLEMband Southeast WA Member

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    I asked this question of a buddy who was a state patrolman, and he said they don't like to find out when they run your driver's license, they like you to let them know in advance. He didn't think it necessary to hand over your CPL/CCW unless asked for, however, I can't think of an way that is completely unthreatening to say "I'm carrying a gun," unless maybe you say "I have a CPL, do you need to see it also?" Then they can ask any questions they deem important.
    I will still probably just hand over the CPL with the other paperwork.
  6. yotehunter

    yotehunter north west Active Member

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    I say I have a CPL and I am carrying then I do as they ask which is usualy keep my hands on wheel, keep hands on roof, or don't reach for it.
  7. TonsOfOregonBrass

    TonsOfOregonBrass Sandy, OR Active Member

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    I have been stopped a lot, yet ticketed very little.

    I always tell them that i have a CPL and have a gun located where ever i have it at that time. When / if they ask for my drivers license i get it and the CPL out and hand it to them.

    They usually are very nice about it and tend to switch from being pretty assertive to being polite. I agree with the "its a good guy card" Most cops as soon as they know you are "good guy" tend to cut you some slack.
  8. thelendog

    thelendog Milwaukie Member

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    I ALWAYS hand them my CPL, DL, and reg/ins at the same time and tell them I'm carrying. They usually ask where it is and that I keep it there.

    Never had a negative reaction from the LEO about it, and I generally get off with a warning. Of course, the only time I get pulled over is over in Eastern Oregon where those open roads are begging for speed . . .
  9. Will

    Will Everett Active Member

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    Over the years I have been pulled over more than a few times for speeding and I have always included my CPL with my DL, registration and proof of insurance. In most cases the LEO hasn't said anything about it, few times I was asked if I was carring and to keep my hands on the wheel, once I was asked to surrender my firearm (the officer cleared my firearm and set it on the roof of my car). After the stop the officer put my firearm back in the condition he took it from me in and reminded me it is in condition one.

    As I see it full disclosure at the start is the best way to go. LEO's have a tough job and finding out you have a CCW after the fact is stress that can and should be avoided.
  10. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I got pulled over for speeding. After the cop took my license and ran it, he came back to the car and asked if I had a gun on me. I thought it was a strange question and told him so. He then informed me that I had a CHL showing when he ran my #. I got home to find my brand new CHL in the mail box!
    Every time since then I've told the officer what my goofy NRA instructor told us to. When I'm asked for my license I always inform the officer that I have a CHL and let him know where the gun is, if I have one. The only times it been more than a polite "keep away from it" was when it was in the same fanny pack as my wallet. They've requested the pack and asked what pocket my ID was in. Then they only retrieved my wallet.
    I, too, believe it can be some kind of good guy card with most cops.
  11. BillM

    BillM Amity OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    In my area of Oregon, if they call in your plates before pulling you over
    they will get " Vehicle registered to XXXXX, no wants or warrants, be
    advised owner has a valid concealed carry permit" or something to that
    effect. So chances are he/she already knows.

    I usually keep my hands on the wheel and tell them. Heck---I've been
    pulled over with 3 or 4 guns in plain sight next to me, in addition to
    my carry gun and truck gun.
  12. Mac_Fan

    Mac_Fan Beaverton Active Member

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    I was pulled over about a month ago because of a headlight that was out and wasn't carrying at the time. I always figured I would just mention that I had a CCW and had my weapon with me if I did but I like the idea of handing them my CCW also. Hopefully I won't have to worry about this though. :D
  13. spectra

    spectra The Couve Moderator Staff Member

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    I was pulled over years ago and told the officer that I had a gun in the door compartment. Well in the end he said thanks for telling me and all was good. And on the same note was pulled over by the Port. PD at 4 am on my way to work in a less than nice area and while grabbing my ins and reg another officer started backing up. Well thought for a second and noticed my extra clip for my gun sitting in the consol and then had to explain I did not have a gun as I was in Oregon and did not have a permit at the time. I do think it is good to just be upfront with them and let them know:thumbup:
  14. Deavis

    Deavis Mid Willamette Valley Active Member

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    You guys have got it figured out. Give the first three docs... DL/Reg/insurance... then have the CHL and show and tell politely. Slow moves, big smiles.
  15. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    You guys get pulled over? Shame on you! I haven't been stopped since 1992. :D

    I hope you can shoot better than you can drive. :D :D

    I had two LEOs follow me out of a restaurant and ask me what the bulge was under my shirt. One stood behind me while the other talked to me. No sweat - just offered the permit and then got it out s-l-o-w-l-y. They were fine with it, even chatted about the gun type. They hadn't seen a PF-9 yet at the time but had heard of them, and wanted to see it. Nice guys, actually.
  16. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I need to Get MY DL back first... lol :(
  17. barrigadaharley

    barrigadaharley hillsboro Active Member

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    got pulled over the other night for a headlight that went out......LEO asked for my ID and gave him my DL and CHL.....he asked where my firearm was located and told him it was on my right hip....he advised me to put my hands on the wheel while he ran my ID....when he came back to my vehicle he asked my what type firearm i carry...i told him i had a G23 on me.....next thing he said was "BUT WHY"....i asked him what he meant and he said "WHY A GLOCK...THEY'RE JUNK..." i then asked him what he was carrying and he said a G17 and he then said..."I DONT KNOW WHY OUR DEPT LETS US CARRY THIS JUNK...I PREFER 1911's" .....i was kinda stunned that i was getting his opinion on the matter instead of him letting me know to get my headlight fixed.....he released me to be on my way and i drove home laughing...
  18. wakejoe

    wakejoe Beaverton, OR Well-Known Member

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    "Make a sudden move!!" :D Hahaha
  19. twoclones

    twoclones Tri-Cities, WA Well-Known Member

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    When I first started carrying I tried telling cops I was carrying but they didn't seem to care one way or the other so I stopped mentioning I was armed. Then I bought a truck with a bad fuel gauge... When I ran out of gas because of the gauge, a State Trooper gave me a ride. As he opened the back door of his car for me, I suggested he might not want me behind him with a gun. Boy was he surprised! Apparently he had looked me over and missed the gun.

    Anyway, by the time I had gas in the truck he must have thanked me 6 times for offering my weapon to him before getting into his car.
  20. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I didnt think Police departments even issued 9mm for the primary weapon of a officer these days. I thought theu were all .40's and .45's :confused: