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I finally have a chrono, I picked up a used Magnetospeed V3 this morning for a great price. I am still not sure how it will improve my reloads but I am going to give it a shot. Most of the veteran reloaders seem to believe a chrono is a must have item.
A chrono is to help you determine your best loads for your guns. Signs of over pressure,might be missed. As example.

Also, if attempting to load for subsonic.


Just another tool tho, so could still be improperly used.

Also, IMO.
Nada. Went out in the garage and couldn't find my reloading bench.

I may need intervention :)

How did you get a picture of my bench? LOL
I have the same problem.

It used to be so pristine, I'd actually blow off the dust. Figured if I took an extremely organized approach to caring for the space it'd fit in with my "everything must be triple checked" before the reloading process.

I have digressed, it's now just a bench, and benches are meant to have stuff piled on them :)
Swapped the rotation wheel on the Ugly Annealing machine, set it up for 300blk.

While I ran a full gallon zip lock bag of brass through the annealing machine, I popped the APP back on the inline flush mount and swapped it over to Swage.

Made a small dent in the 5 gallon bucket of previously cleaned, decapped, annealed 5.56 brass.

Once the 5.56 brass is done with the swage step, the it gets a little lanolin spray lube and tossed into the Dillon case feeder to resize and trim on the 650XL. That step goes fast and I already have a 5 gallon bucket of brass ready for that step, so I'll probably do all 10 gallons in a sitting if possible.

20240624_145127.jpg 20240624_145119.jpg
Having the granddaughters since Saturday I haven't been able to get out in the shop to do much of anything. Today I snuck out for an hour and trimmed about 500 PSD brass cases that has been sitting for a month or two. Don't judge me. :p
Got 500+ in another bucket to do later on.

Last Edited:
Again no loading, I'd over worked myself yesterday doing yardwork so took it easy today by heading to the range with my 41Mag, 357 Sig and Shadow 2 9mm. I wanted to rezero the guns to my current ammo so the point of aim was the same as the point of impact. This is why I like adjustable sights I don't have to load to the gun I can adjust the gun to the preferred ammo.
Broke Back Mountain
In Wyoming?.
I'll stay away from there.
I'm wet tumbling brass from Sundays cowboy shoot and brass from the weekend shoot two weeks ago.
I'll probably resize and prime tomorrow's after work.

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