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I've been casting to make some boolits. The last couple weekends I have probably made around 1500 altogether. I had to clean the spout on my 420 pot. The flow was getting sketchy. I went to take a leak, and when I came back the spout had started dripping and it formed me a Leadzilla. I know it's a waste of a 1/2 pound of lead but I think it's art.

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That's frickin' awesome! Reminds me of the alien in the original Stargate.
Did some 2nd Amendment therapy yesterday with the AR10 308and AR15. So I had to replenish my 308 supply.

I'm like a 12-year-old. I can't wait to powder coat these and try them out in all my 35 caliber guns. I have a 158 and 170 grain Keith style. They look so good. It's almost a shame to powder coat them.

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Those are beautiful. I was really sad when Travis discontinued his 170 gr Keith style SWC. They were a bargain and very accurate in my GP-100. Their only downside was that they were too long to fit in my Model 28 with the counter bored cylinder.
Those are some right smart looking pours there my friend. Nice high quality work.
It's totally a seat of the pants operation, ha ha. I have found that the lead thermometers don't work all that well. I just kind of watch the alloy and it works. It was a little different pouring with these molds because they are bigger than the old Lees I have. They don't overheat as quickly. Gosh, the sprue plates are amazing though. Nice and thick and very sharp. I'm glad I spoiled myself for once.
Another day Another broken part on the LEE APP.

This time the press binds HARD on the upstroke. I've narrowed it down to a bent right post circled in the photo.

If I remove the internal bolt, it absolutely sticks within the die carrier assembly. The left post seems to move freely.

I am not at dead stop, but the force needed to move the handle up and down is ridiculous.

So not counting the volume of broken decapping pins, I have broken:

(2) shuttles (this is a weak design that will flex and eventually break over time.)

(2) shuttle springs.

(1) bottom rail assembly, but i haven't sent this for warranty yet as it's sorta working.

(1) bottom frame casting- the screw that holds the top rail on is stripped. LEE told me to drive a larger screw into it and self tap it. 😆 that's exactly how they tap these at the factory according to the rep.

I've been dumping time and effort into this because even when it works marginally, it's faster than a single stage and I can get into a rhythm of terrible ergonomics that seems to work.

This time I was trying to finish decapping my bucket of 38spl and 357mag, and made it 3/4 through before the press decided to lock up on me.

No amount of silicon lube would reduce the force needed unfortunately.


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