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Well since Trlsmn has dropped the ball:D I figured I would post a pic since the wife said she had to take one. Chicken pot pie with cheese bread made over the weekend. Oh washed it down with a few drop tops:s0155:

Mark W.

Pork chops, Dirty Rice (I added some Salsa to mine), Peaches, A nice cold BUD

And for desert a large piece of Pumpkin bread the wife baked friday with real butter
Last night was quick and easy pork chops on the pellet grill, with some green beans and a salad. This weekend I'm going to have to get some new recipes out to try though...
I had my wife's cooking I think it started out to be lemon chicken. I would show you pics but not of would eat for the next two days if I did.
Ha I'm takin a break from cooking dinner and what thread do I find?? Wife gonna be off at 7, so I'm prepping the spuds n' etc to roast, steaks have been marinating in a raspberry vinaigrette for a day (that stuff is dang good for marinade), and the apple pan dowdy is ready to roll into the oven. The new year champagne has been chillin' on the porch all day, though it's below freezing now so I'd better grab it before it explodes... sounds like the rest of my neighborhood are having fireworks and gallons of liquor for dinner :s0114:
Fish sticks, pasta from a box, and corn for dinner. The brownies are cooling now. The entire menu was suggested by the kids.

I start my post-holiday diet tomorrow so I'm eating all the good stuff today. :s0112:
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