What did you do today to prep?

This is not meant as a discussion thread. Just what you did today to prep.

If you didn't do anything, please don't post, but feel free to read what others have done to prep.

I stole the thread idea from ARFCOM Survival section.

Post what you did, practiced, or bought.

If you have questions, feel free to start a tread here in the Survival Forum.
What's ghb, besides a date-rape drug?
It's a GHB(Get Home Bag)

Stuff that I may need to get home if I am broken down in the woods or wherever.

Meant to be for items you will need if you have to walk home. (Like posted above)

Parka, food, matches, water, gun, etc.........

We can start a new thread for the BOB (Bug out Bag) and GHB (Get Home BAG)

This thread is only for what one does to prep for emergencies.
This thread is meant to be on-going forever.

Feel free to post what you did, be it, getting chains for your tires, digging a well, buying ammo, MREs, tents, OFA training, canning vegetables.

Anything you feel is preparation for an emergency.

Others can get ideas for stuff to buy, reminders to get chains for My Hood ski trips, etc.

Only post what you actually did this day to prepare for an emergency.

If you didn't do anything, please don't post, but feel free to read and get ideas of what others are doing to prep.
Sorry Coctailer! Today I just continued to live in condition yellow. That's mainly what I do on a day-to-day basis.

Now, where's my YHMQD can??????
Strung barbed wire - OK more-so for the horse, but hey it might slow the zombies down too??

I also read the Argentina 2001 SHTF stuff and bought some extra canned food (for the power outages and snow mostly) on the way home.
Nice thread:)

I downloaded the last 2 weeks worth of "The survival Podcast" so I can listen to them on breaks/lunch at work...and I need to order a new bung wrench for my water barrel...guess that will happen today.
Got 2 '72 hr' packs in yesterday from LAPolicegear.com-super price & nicely made. Started packing them last nite. Also got a rifle case (thats also a backpack) from them to hold my AR, both uppers, and both of my pistols & ammo. I also started my own spreadsheet for keeping MRE data, ie, which ones I liked/disliked, my wife likes, calorie count, etc. I dont' want to buy a case of something I wont want to eat.
Also bought 100rds of 12ga ammo...super sale at Bimart @ $4.99 ea! (Dicks was wiped out of their $3.89 12ga). Oh, and 50 rds of .40

Good thread Cocktailer! Is there a GHB thread? I'd like to see what folks are keeping ready to go.
Last night I ordered more magazines for a certain rifle, gun tools, gun cleaning supplies, and water-purification tablets. I presume that everyone knows about CheaperThanDirt.com? Great stuff, prices, and service.........................elsullo :s0155:

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