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what did santa bring?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sheepdip, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. sheepdip

    sheepdip Redland Well-Known Member

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    me, a new camo hunting coat and a rangefinder, thanks mrs. claus. almost forgot we also got a new pellet stove insert to keep us toasty this winter and many more to come.
  2. williamcjones1988

    williamcjones1988 Portland, OR Member

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    2-P mags, a year subscription to guns and ammo, and money to deck out my bushy with all magpul moe gear
  3. husker

    husker portland Active Member

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    No gifts, but I did get to go to my home town and spend time with my sister and her family and have a very nice meal, play some poker and have a few drinks.
    I guess that is the best gift of all. Just wish mom and dad could have been there too.
  4. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I got the new Hornady reloading manual, and some Hornady reloading blocks. I also got 3 real nice shirts, and my daughter got me a little throw blanket with the Pink Floyd Back Catalog image on it. SUPER soft like a baby blanket for having when I watch TV.

    And in a day or two we are going shopping for a New TV we been saving up for. Wife and I only bought each other token gifts and we are using almost all my Christmas bonus check to swing the deal. Hopefully we can find what we want in our budget.

    And a great day and meal with our daughter and her family (including the granddaughters) and my son who is home on leave and my Sister in law who is about to move to Colorado Springs. So the more time she can spend with her little sister the better.
  5. Mica

    Mica Eugene Active Member

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    my wonderful wife got me 40 sw dies, trail cam, some shirts, tactical flashlight. but the best of all was watching my boys faces as they got there first guns. and spending a awsome day with my family
  6. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest from my brother. An Ithaca M37 8 shot tac shotgun. (Got it a few weeks ago, but the wife knew I had wanted one for a long time and said "OK, that can be one of your Christmas presents.", (purchased from a forum member). Some Carhartt Pocket T-shirts.

    Best present was a call from my son. He and his new wife were just back from their Honeymoon in St. Lucia.

    Watching my Dachshunds tear up a couple of new plush toys with squeakers in them.
  7. Spray-n-pray

    Spray-n-pray Battle Ground Moderator Staff Member

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    No gun stuff except a box of 308 from my sister! My wife gave me tickets to go see Roger Waters in May. I'm pretty stoked about that.
  8. absoluterik07

    absoluterik07 Salem, OR Member

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    My girlfriend got me a Sig Mosquito I've had my eye on for some time! Yea, she's pretty rad!
  9. NCW Ray

    NCW Ray Sunny Eastern Washington Active Member

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    Let's see for Christmas I bought the wife a Crimson Trace LightGuard for her M&P40 nightstand pistol, for the daughter a PINK (she wanted it:D) range bag to carry her M&P40fs & equipment to the range, for the son a Safariland 6378 holster for his M&P40fs, a double mag pouch, a range bag and a years range membership.

    I received from my lovely bride a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer & another years range membership.

    Oh and the daughter bought her boyfriend a M&P9fs for Christmas.

    A "Shootin Good Time" is going to be had a the range this year!:gun10:
  10. Nwcid

    Nwcid Yakima and N of Spokane Well-Known Member

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    We go it a little early since black friday was great for sales. We got new scuba gear. BP/W set ups for both of us along with regulators. Got tanks ordered and will be picking them up next week.

    Oh and I bought myself a new Juki commercial sewing machine to make gear on.
  11. mkwerx

    mkwerx Forest Grove, OR Well-Known Member

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    Santa brought:

    A Bushy AR15 and some rem .223 to go with it, and a Pelican case for it to ride in style to/from the range

    A Leatherman multitool plus a Kobalt Double Drive screw driver kit

    Modern Warfare 3 for the PS3

    A pine wood chest

    A rod tube for my big Loomis float rod

    And I got to watch my little guy get spoiled by not only the wife & I, but by all his grandparents - which was coolest of all.
  12. Rix

    Rix Tacoma Active Member

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    Single six
    Gp100 .357
    Threaded 22/45
    5.7x28 ammo x350
    .357 ammo x50
    .45 z-max x20
    .223 z-max x20
    .40 x50
    9mm x50
    7.5x55 x20
    Some shirts, a carhart jacket, couple gift cards, mw3 and uncharted 3 for ps3 and a bunch of smiles from the people I bought stuff for.
  13. FA9

    FA9 Hillsburrito, ORgun Well-Known Member

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    Nothing much, but the best gift I got is a Casio watch paw-1100 5163nhFN8NL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
  14. oldbrass

    oldbrass WA Active Member

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    A lee challenger press kit with all the goodies and a set of rifle dies