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Never heard of a slingbow before until I shot one yesterday. What a blast! I hit the target straight away, and now I want one.

I looked them up online and saw some (cheapies and expensive ones) with attachments like lasers and fishing reels of all things, LOL! I won't need any of that, and I won't hunt game with it either. I just want to do some target practice in the back yard. Fun, quiet and inexpensive.

Actually tried to place a Wanted Ad for one here on NWFA classifieds this morning, but it kicked my request over into the For Sale ads - TWICE (???@#$%*)!

Anyhow, I'm open for recommendations, or maybe you have one of these gadgets for sale/trade. I can cough up some cash or ammo for a fair deal.

Forest Grove here, basically Hillsboro area.
This seems pretty close to what I shot, if not the exact item. I was really impressed with the accuracy and I'm thinking Mrs. Teflon might find this on my Xmas wish list.

I'd still need some cheap target arrows - long ones given my wingspan. And a string release. Do you archers favor a finger or thumb release?

An index finger (or wrist release as I call it) would work, especially if you have a long draw. Cheaper than a back tension release as well. Although, back tension should work. A little harder to master. Figuring out the best arrow weight and material (carbon, aluminum, or wood) should be fun, too. Good luck.
Like this?


Finally stood up a half-sheet of plywood under the deck ('cause, hey, I got that kinda cash) and drug out a heavy waterlogged target.

Way different than a compound bow. First 6 shots from 20+ yards, my azimuth is okay but I've gotta work on length of pull to get consistent elevation results at 45 pounds. Punched myself (lightly) in the chin with the first release, a lesson I don't need to repeat, lol.

Just like shooting guns accurately or playing guitar well, some practice is in order "I reckon."

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