Bush mill’s in celebration of St Patty’s Day, with the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner…

Long live the Emerald Isle…

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Looks absolutely amazing, I can almost smell/taste it looking at the photo!
Stealing a line from one of my favorite movies: "This is some serious gourmet stuff" (gotta love the language filter!)
But honestly, Bushmills, really? Nothing personal, but you need to check out some better whiskey. Bushmills is bush league, at best it rates up there with lone star beer or brown derby. Come on, move up in the world, there's so much more to life than bubblegum whiskey.
Feeling fine this morning, early morning walk with the dog, waiting on the wife to return from her 18 mile run, then brunch.

I also am an at home drinker. Takes me a couple of hours to enjoy a dram or two. I drink for the taste, not to get tipsy, did enough of that as a young adult. Back then it was about quantity, now it’s about quality.
Like a few here, I'm also an at-home drinker, or at least someplace where I'm not leaving soon after drinking. The days of getting shiitfaced for the sake of getting shiitfaced are long behind me now, in the adulting of my twilight years...

So, last night, I had a couple of glasses of a fine Walla Walla Valley cabernet with dinner, and finished off the evening with a wee dram of some 16-year-old Aberlour speyside whisky. Not more than 3 or 4 "ounces of alcohol" over about 4 or 5 hours. Feeling just chipper today... :)

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Doing fajitas tonight to celebrate what feels like summer weather, so the drink will be Terminal Gravity Pilsner. There will be some Beam Black involved later on.
Love me some Terminal Gravity. Steve makes an awesome palette of brews!
The collective hangovers this morning won't be challenged until the morning after Cinco Del Drinko in May.
I had to reach age 65, move clear across the country and join NWF to read "Cinco Del Drinko" for the first time ever!
(and for the haters, yes I'm easily entertained)
I'm gonna have to steal that line to use on my friends back home come May.
Yeah, it’s arguably the most under-rated brewery in Oregon. Their IPA is outstanding, and their “strong American ale” (basically a robust brown) is a wonderful thing.
BITD, I was going ice climbing in the Wallowas one winter and was to meet my partner at TG the next morning. Steve said I could pitch my tent in his parking lot, so, with lodging arranged, I decided to head to the bar. Since I was there plenty early, I figured I'd get a bite to eat at the bar, then spend the rest of the evening sampling everything listed on the Chalkboard of Death... My cunning drinking plan was to start with the highest ABV selections and work downward through the evening to the least destructive brews. Things seemed to go pretty well for hours, until closing time...

When I got up from the bar, the world immediately went sideways and round and round. One of the worst case of the swirlies I've ever had, and I've had several more than a few... I managed to make it out to my truck and pitch the tent (why I had not done this earlier when it was light, I'll never know). I hurled once or twice in the bushes, spat out a few stubborn chunks, and finally crawled into my sleeping bag to await the sunrise. The Eraser of Life that is TG's finest brews was on full afterburner...

Bala was his usual punctual self, but unlike my usually late self, I was already up, had broken down and packed the tent, and was still picking chunks out of my teeth as we greeted each other. Off we went to the base of the climb, the approach to which was nothing short of abysmal. All morning on the climb, I was belching these horrible vurps... vomit burps. It's all I could taste all day. The climb itself and the retreat was a whole other matter... :s0140:
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