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    :thumbup::thumbup:this came up on my info-flash today------------Two Elmira-area men were cited by an Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife Division trooper for wildlife offenses when a traffic crash investigation involving a pickup off a road near Noti found a poached deer underneath it. On September 15, 2010, OSP Trooper Marc Boyd began in investigation of a non-injury crash after a Toyota pickup was reported off a steep embankment near IP Deeded Road in the Noti area. While at the pickup down an embankment, Boyd found a crushed deer partially sticking out from underneath it. After the pickup was towed back up to the roadway, Trooper Boyd inspected the dead deer and saw it had been shot. The two occupants were identified as driver ZACHARY HEINEMAN, age 21, and THOMAS WHITTAKER, age 22, both from Elmira. Subsequent investigation determined the two men were driving in the area when they spotted the deer, stopped and shot at it. The deer went down a steep embankment where they backed up the pickup to the edge of the road. Unable to pull the dead deer back up to the road, the driver was trying to move the pickup away from the roadway edge when it rolled backwards, down the embankment and came to rest on top of the dead deer. HEINEMAN was cited to appear for Aiding in a Wildlife Violation to wit: Unlawful Take of Doe Deer. WHITTAKER was cited to appear for Unlawful Take of Doe Deer to wit: Prohibited Hours, Closed Season. Photograph Source: Oregon State Police
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    That's pretty funny. The other day on Hwy. 30 just out of Scappose I saw an old guy get pulled over by a OSP car. When I came back by about 30 min later, they had the old guy handcuffed by the car, two OSP pick ups were there, they were taking a rifle out of the guys truck and there was a big bull elk in the back of the guys truck. It looked like he had a tarp over it before, but the cop mist have seen it when he walked up to the window.

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