What are the best, most useful accessories for a gun safe?

I bought my first floor gun safe last month, and I have been looking at accessories. I couldn't afford a lot at the time, other than built-in electrical outlet and dehumidifier wand, which I considered essential.

So now I am looking at lighting (ezpensive plugged in vs. battery operated), door rack, hygrometer, etc., and wondering if folks have opinions as to how to prioritize the buying of accessories. I bought a safe with plenty of room to grow, so I don't need a door organizer yet, so I think that will wait. I want to buy some organizers for pistols, but don't want to buy one type, then learn something better, more efficient is needed later.

You get the idea. Comments welcome.


I just got my first safe. I was able to get a model with built-in lights and a built-in receptacle for power as well as a door organizer so those items are taken care of. I know my first purchases will be a dehumidifier (probably both electric rod and a rechargeable dehumidifier device). I'll wait on the hygrometer for later.

As for lights, if I decide to add more, I'll be using the 'puck' style lights you can find at Home Depot or Lowes. They're the kind you'd normally put under a cabinet in your kitchen. They're small, easy to install and put out good light. You could place them on the walls or even under the shelves with just double-sided sticky tape. I've got a few sets in my house, they work really well. You can get 120V or there are battery operated models that work with a remote. Here are a few links:

http://www.amazon.com/Homemates-Wireless-Puck-Lights-Remote/dp/B00FP67OV2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1407333921&sr=8-3&keywords=puck light



*Dehumidifier/golden rod
(heat rod).

*A light or two.
(I prefer batter operated lights.)

*Shelves in my safe(s) I utilize the shelving units that come with the safe but also make/use my own.

*Pistol racks
I like to keep my pistols above my rifles/shotguns in my safe(s). Though Im not a big pistol guy, I have enough to where I cannot keep them on a shelf alone. So I rack them, be it the door OR a caddy unit that better organizes them.

*velcro zipper pouches attached to walls or door. I keep paperwork in there as well as NFA paperwork. Makes for better storage. Keeps my shelves free for other.. Items. :)

*A mini safe.
I keep some cash and a minuscule amount of silver along with more "important" paperwork. If someone breaks into my large safe(s) that SOB is going to have to work just a little harder for my petty cash. :)

I keep my serial numbers of my firearms in a separate location should any go missing without my consent.

And lastly, a second
(or third..or fourth :)) safe for separate firearm and ammo/mag storage. Never keep all your eggs in one basket. Make those would-be thieves work for it should they dare try & rob you.
So far I have a heat rod, combination dial light, a cheap Walmart motion sensor light, rechargeable dessicant thingy left over from the cabinet I was using, and some pistol racks left over from the cabinet. Better lighting is on my list. A second safe is now on the list :D. Three guns purchased in the past two weeks rather than accessories are in there. As for lights, I think a combination of plug in and battery lights will be installed eventually. Plug in lights for general use and a couple battery powered ones for emergencies/power outages. Good idea on the mini safe so I put that in there mostly as a bit more fire protection for important documents. Thanks for the ideas guys.
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Heat rod & light are the 2 most important.

Mine came with both as well as the door mounted handgun & document pouches. Useful but unless you have a number of handguns (that will fit) in the door pockets I wouldn't bother.
Don't know if this has been brought up before, but it's also a good idea to take numerous photos of each firearm in your safe--put it in a file on a computer with descriptions of each along with the components; e.g. , Remington 700 ($499), Leupold III 4x12 ($600), Brand X rings and bases ($80). Photos of actual receipts would be a bonus along with any gunsmithing work. Sounds like a pain (and it kinda is) but if you need to file a claim with your insurance company, you'll be happy you did. Also a good time to check your policy and coverages and read the fine print. My trap gun alone exceeds the policy limits for firearms on most policies. YMMV.


I watched this a few hours ago. It's a pretty good idea IMO.

My safe is too thick to drill so my wife pipes in with, looks like you need another safe just for your guns!

I love that woman;)
Nice :) I just bought my first safe, but got one with an outlet already installed, so it's nice and simple.


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