What are some things you should keep in an emergency bag/ go bag

Aside from my go bag, I keep a small box in my vehicles that has a CBRN Mask, some small bolt cutters, and a Stanley Fatmax. I highly recommend the idea of the fat max, and entry tools aren't something commonly thought of but could be of use in a SHTF situation.

*Edit: Plus, it makes a formidable melee weapon :)

Space mylar blanket, some foil pouches of water( 6), some canned soups (4), water filter/ smart straw, flashlight, hand crank radio, walking boots, socks, shirt, rain coat, a small wire saw, small knife, hat, small camp stove w/ fuel.

Reminds me - I need to swap out those 2021 soups w/ fresh cans.

This whole thing weighs in at about 25 lbs...light enough to carry if I'm suddenly on foot.

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