what ammo do you use in your 357mag

well i just picked up my revolver friday from the gunshow (keiths) for 550$
i got a ruger gp100 357mag with a 4" barrel, was wanting a 44mag but all those new
were about 150$ more and that was about 150$ out of my price range.

i got it for a sidearm for hunting incase i notice any predators trying to sneak up on me, and for a fishing and backpacking weapon for the same scenario.
where i am (oregon) the biggest thing i will run into is a cougar or a black bear, which is highly unlikely because i have only seen one bear here in my 33 years but there is always that chance.

i am wondering what everyone uses in this case
for now i will probably get some factory loads but i also have the option to reload.
i dont plan to start reloading for it until after this next hunting season, but a little info on both would be great.
what factory loads do you use?
what powder, bullets and primers do you use for reloading?

i am not recoil sensitive.....
I have a 357 marlin but I killed a few whitetails with Hornady XTPs both 140 and 158grs. I used AA#9 to take advantage of the long bore. H-110 and 2400 are very popular as are hard cast bullets up to 180grs. For a bear I would want a hard bullet for the most penetration.
If you buy factory Hornady XTPs you will find that the brass is trimmed short. Strangely enough cheap 158gr federals semi-jacketed flat points shot the best for me out of my rifle.
Best of luck,
For a woods gun, I load my 4" .357 with 180 grain Hard Cast Federals. I don't use reloads when I carry the gun ( I trust the factory rounds more) but do use H110 and Red Dot, for range work. Enjoy the new gun.
I use them in my 30-30 also. They're the best I've found. I took a buck last year and the year before with them at 70 and 160 yards and they both dropped were they were standing with the 30-30. I shot a coyote that was bubbleguming with my dog with with the 357 and blew the side of its head out. Very powerful, very accurate stuff.
The bullet of my choice (based on application) ahead of some Unique or 2400 has served me well. I load low velocity lead for fun, as well as jacketed high velocity loads for more difficult chores. Hot loads using 2400 create quite a fireball so using them in darkness for self-defense may not be a good idea ;-) I also shoot .38 Special target loads for fun... and have rabbit hunted with them. The .357 revolver is a very versatile weapon. I use CCI 500 primers and have never seen the need for magnum primers in this cartridge.
Is this a trick question?
My first reaction was to answer 9mm ;)

I mostly just use 125 grain whatever is cheapest and has a brass case, brand for plinking.

Have some better quality Federal 158 grain for more serious situations. And some CARBINE ONLY loads in 180 grain for the Marlin, in case a Velociraptor shows up in the neighborhood. . . . Though in that situation I'd probably go with the .444 Marlin. . . .
not to change the subject but it is still on topic.
i picked up a box of leverlutions for my 44mag (not the 357)
anyways i took them out yesterday to give them a try at the range, first time i only put one in the cylinder and had no problems.
the second time i filled it up and for some reason the cylinder sticks while cycling through, i could still get it to cycle but i had to
force it a little.
are these meant for lever guns only and not revolvers?

i was using a ruger redhawk.
i put about 75 rounds of fiocchi and remington ammo through it with no problem at all
the gun has a little less then 200 rounds through it.


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
Cerberus Training Group
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