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What a sitting Supreme Court Justice (Breyer) says about guns and gun control

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Sodbuster, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Sodbuster

    Sodbuster Beaverton, OR Chief Cook/Bottle Washer

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  2. trainsktg

    trainsktg Portland OR Well-Known Member

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    His blatant, oh-so-casual flippancy is so evident in his quoted statement in the last paragraph.

  3. salmonriverjohn

    salmonriverjohn N.W Oregon coast, Gods country Well-Known Member

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    That's just how close it is at this time,, one vote. Does anyone think that its not just that easy?
  4. dmancornell

    dmancornell Portland, OR New Member

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    Allowing the Supreme Court, a government entity, to pass judgment on how much power the same government wields, that is insanity. If the Supreme Court were staffed by jurists of utmost dedication to all liberties that would be fine, but the complete disdain the SCOTUS has shown towards economic liberty in the past century has shown that is not the case.
  5. saxon

    saxon springfield Active Member

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    Antonin Scalia if i had only recorded his statment in an interview.
    US SCOTUS does not go by law in some case's it tries to meet todays moral standards

  6. music

    music central california New Member

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    The Establishment is setting up a Supreme Court that will do its bidding.

    Were in deep doo doo if they are sucessful in this..and it seems they are..

    Thank God Scalia is holding out until a presidential change
  7. Spad

    Spad Kennewick,WA, the desert side Active Member

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    I watched part of the intreview and when this justice blathered about the second amendment I ended up switching channels. The man was an arrogant individual who had an intirely different idea of what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the constituion. His distain for the questions asked were appalling. His attitude was let them eat cake for now, but not around my ground.What bothers me is the other dessenting members of the court who go along with this heresy, and Obama has appointed more like this. Yuk.
  8. music

    music central california New Member

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    Its hard to expose those who are doing this to America....

    People have been too programed and are unable to think for themselves anymore..

    WERE DOOMED..the sheeple people are leading us to the slaughter..and they are too stoopid to know it..
  9. Father of four

    Father of four Portland, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    We the People should be in charge of OUR government! The government thinks that We the People are to be servants to them. They make the rules and We follow. When they pass a law We have to live with it if we like it or not. (National Healthcare, an example) Even when We vote on a law or bill the courts think they have the right to overturn what We the People have voted. It aint right!
  10. music

    music central california New Member

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    According to the Constitution...the American gov is never allowed to FORCE the people to buy any product of any kind....even a product called socialized medicine

    And the court should never be allowed to overturn the will of the people..

    If the courts would have left the law alone that We THE PEOPLE voted on..to not pay anymore for illegal alliens...then we would not be in this present economic mess we are in today..

    Illegal immigration only benefits large corporations.....it allows them to get even bigger...

    and any American business that hires them..is a traitor to his neighbor..What if EVERYONE only hired illegals...:cool: How stupid would that be..

    I read on here about the Guardians of the Republic..I think they are real...as a part of the plan..has already taken place...They said that the first thing they were going to have corrected..was the confiscation of property during this crisis...Obama announced that they were going to stop the foreclosures..

    The Guardians said that this will not be a big hoopla..or all in the news..but done...quietly and covertly...It will just begin to happen..

    Go read the RESTORE AMERICA PLAN..and see if you see it happening...

    One of the other plans..was to stop putting people into jail for not handing their money over to the private Elites ....aka....IRS...Why should we support these people with our tax dollars?? They dont even pay taxes on their income from what Ive heard..
  11. slingshot1943

    slingshot1943 salem or Well-Known Member

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    Liberals who vote these fools in are pissing into the wind.
  12. gearhead

    gearhead NC Active Member

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    until the problem is rectified, we're all pissing in the wind. I can't say much more than that though, as I have no ideas or "answers" that anyone hasn't heard before. I try talking to people about these things, and just get labeled "crazy" or "militia". (am i using quotation marks too much?) From what my late parents and grandparents told me, it wasn't too long ago that people used to think for themselves. I blame Dr. Spock, and the television. Never fails to amaze me that adults actually believe that the TV and government don't lie, and buy into liberal crap like this - thinking our rights as humans and Americans should be limited for some false sense of security. Bush, Obama, Republican, Democrat - it's all the same BS with different flavors. The past few administrations (and probably further back than I can remember from growing up) have been pushing for a one world government for decades, and we're finally starting to see the veiled motives more clearly in our own beloved country. The only problem is, everybody is to busy watching the TV to care. i apologize if this is just another uneducated rant - I'm, just frustrated and don't know what to do any more.

    ps - every time i see the bumper sticker that says "when Clinton lied, nobody died" i want to educate the re-re who put it on their vehicle. As i recall, Bill launched missiles at Sadaam right after he was exposed for getting a hummer to take the heat off himself. (not that i'm complaining, but people did die) anyone else get pissed at that sticker?
  13. music

    music central california New Member

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    The Republicans are taking their party to task..

    I wish the Democrats would too..

    I wish all people would read about the Bolshevik Revolution..and see that were under attack from the grandchildren of the leaders of the Bolsheviks...and they are doing the very same thing to us..that they did to the Russians..which ended up with 20 million murdered Christians...But you never saw a holocaust movie about all of this..I wonder why?? I wonder who the Bolsheviks were...(sarcasm)

    WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA? Americans MUST come to terms with this..if they want to still live in a free republic...as opposed to communism..or socialism..

    Heres the facts folks ....you cannot claim prejudice because the facts are just the facts folks...

    YouTube - Who controls The US Media ?

    When the people quit listening to media hype..and brainwashing stories...only then will they begin to sense they are in danger of loosing their freedoms....and will quit listening to the falsehood that two parties are different..They are not..They are one in the same...ONE PARTY MASQUERADING AS TWO....Its time for a third party...and the Elites are feverishly trying to invade the Tea Party....Eric Cantor is one of them...Hes a shill...

    I wish the liberals would read about whats going on in socialist Europe..They dont like it all that much..as it just give power to leaders..to keep tightening the noose around their necks..

    the Free Market system is the best system there is....

    Its the corporations that are destroying everything....Perhaps there should be a ban on corporations or monopolies..That would solve alot of our problems..

    Oh yea....and the extraction of the many dual citizen Israelis from our gov would most likely solve ALL our problems..

    Please read this...its just facts...the fact that our nations capital has been swarmed over with people from another nation...this is just plain wrong..What if instead of Israelis..they were dual citizen Saudis..or dual citizen Mexicans?

    Dual Citizenship -- Should we be worried?

    What will it take..for Americans to get curious about who is destroying your nation? Are you going to wait until you have no change to salvage your lives?When they take your guns..and that is their goal..your friggen screwed..
  14. music

    music central california New Member

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    The Republicans use war mongering fear to fund large military...and military projects...to keep those who feel dangers..and wish to keep a large military..thus...large government..

    The Democrats use the poor as pawns......and filled with those who will suck off the gov tit..and vote for them..thus Large government..

    These two parties are one in the same..heading for the same goal..

    They have discovered the Golden Goose...THE AMERICAN TAX PAYER....and in order to embezzele funds from us...they must keep the poverty at a high level..and the warmongering at a high lever..

    Wake up folks..your being tricked..and the media is supporting both sides of this..keeping you either in fear of terrorists....or making you think the gov owes you a living..

    Where are the smart people? Where did they go? Did the dumbing of America really work that well?

    People have been brainwashed..and seem to be unable to think for themselves anymore..or to be brave enough to see a bigger picture..instead of the 'story' that is force feed Americans thought corrupt media//


    An immoral society...is a society lacking in wisdom...and most likely Christian values...The immoral are much easier to control...and suck into this bloodless coup that is going on in America today...with the ''useful idiots' helping them create their own demise...They call us the useful idiots...that was their term for the common man..not mine...

    If you think that any of these past President cared about We the People..your are sadly mistaken...the Media makes Reagan look almost like a God..when in reality..he passed some of the most horrible legislation..The media makes Bill Clinton look almost like a God..but he too...passed horrible legislation..such as repealing of he Glass-Steagal Act which caused this present housing crash...Bill Clinton gave the pen used to sign that repeal..to the corrupt BankSters...as they planned this crash on purpose...just as they did in the 1930's..
    YouTube - Do we have a one-party system masquerading as two?

    YouTube - Alex Jones: How The Elite Control Politics

    YouTube - How The Media Controls Your Mind (Alan Watt)


    This will give you a history of Hollywood..and tell you what the word Hollywood actually means at counter number 5:40..and the five pointed stars...ITs quite interesting..We are being manipulated and programmed through this most dangerous tool of mass brainwashing..

    The war movies were used to get Americans to want to fight in false flag crisis wars..such as this present on..the so called War on Terror..even though its been proven now that AlQueda didnt do it..but that it was an 'inside job'..

    Holly wood is controlled by the same people who control the media...banking...and have infiltrated our political system...Hows America working for ya today? Are you enjjoying all the homosexuality on TV these days...the sexually immoral behavior of young women on TV today? Your being programmed to be out of control...That way..you will be much easier to control by the global elite...They give you free sex....condoms...abortions......then they save you from your diseases and pay your bills...put you on medicare...welfare..disability....then you repay them by letting them control you...socialism..communims...marxisim...

    This is nothing new...its all happened before..and it will again..over and over and over....When the people fall away from the wisdom of the Bible...this is when evil can prevail in a society...creating a **** on earth for man..


    What has been done...will be done again...
    Is there ANYTHING of which one can say
    "Look! This is something new"?
    IT WAS HERE ALREADY...long ago..
    There is no remembrance of men of old
    and even those who are yet to come
    will not be remember by those who follow..