Western Wa. Pheasant license increase

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by cyclesurvival, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Ok so im looking at the regulations and the fee is $90 looked at my license from last year $47 with the small game license and brokers fee. If I read the rules right you still need a small game license for eastern Wa. so what gives? looked at stocked areas and there seems to be way less so no money for those areas now? Im venting my frustrations and comments.
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    Fee's are crap for pheasant and I know the $90 dollar pinch is hard and you are correct there is a care for Western WA but no for Eastern and you need is small game. I think this is my last year for pheasant but you can do well towards Goldendale and Klickitat and better yet if you go farther east. Vancouver lake is like D-Day sometimes and pellets flying everywhere so I avoid those places. Mossy rock area can be good at times. Go during the week and it will be more pleasant. But prices are suppose to go up again next year. So that leaves me with more duck, goose, grouse and then crow and coyote following that. Hunt coyote if want some fun.

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