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West Linn! :)

Hello All!

My name is Jenny. I live in West Linn, OR with my boyfriend Joey Link. We've been together for three years now. When we first became friends, I was terrified of firearms. After some explaining and training, firearms became one of my biggest passions. I'm very excited about learning more! Recently I went through my concealed license class at Johnson Creek Gun Club and I'm calling the Clackamas Sheriffs office tomorrow for my appointment :)

We have gone shooting quite a few times since I took up this passion of firearms. I shoot Joey's Sig P226 very well, but unfortunately we went to the gun show two weeks ago and he was trying to sell it for another Glock (I out shoot him with his Sig / he out shoots me with his Glock). I think I talked him out of selling it but we'll see. While we were at the gun show I got the chance to handle the Kahr P9. The Kahr fits my hand very well, and now I think I want one for Christmas (Hint Hint to Joey)

I'm very excited about this forum and community getting together :)
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I didn't know there was another one next month, that's good to hear. I'm sure we'll go. :D
Ha, you two should come shooting with me sometime - I've got a lady I want to take out sometime who seems to have a much better understanding than any girls I know.

I know, I know - she's a keeper. :p
If you're interested in milsurp, there's a good gun show in August in Portland. Details are here: Home Page

The Albany Gun Show in September is probably the best in the state. Here's the flyer:
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