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West Coast Armory vs. Wade's Eastside Gun Shop

Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by sailorman2010, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. sailorman2010

    sailorman2010 Kittitas County,WA Member

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    Howdy, today I drove over the mountains from eastern washington to the puget sound area. I had some time to kill before I had to meet someone, so I went to West Coast Armory in Issaquah and then Wade's in Bellevue. I had two very different experience's, one good and one bad.

    West Coast Armory-Walked in the door and was greatly warmly by the guys behind the counter and was told if I had any questions just ask, and to take my time looking around the store. So, after a few minutes browsing I asked to see the new Ruger Scout Rifle, they handed it over and I drooled on it for a bit and was priced really well. The guy answered my all questions about the rifle and I gave it back. As I was leaving the store and the guys again warmly, thanked me for coming in.

    Wade's Eastside Gun Shop-As I pulled in, the parking lot was packed, so I had to park across the street. I walked in and the gun range counter was very crowded with people and the gun shop was just as full. So, I looked at the accessories and ammo till a spot was opened at the counter, a good fifteen minutes, because I noticed they had a Ruger Scout. I walked up and waited a good five plus minutes until a sale's guy decided to help me. I asked the guy how much their Ruger Scout Rifle was and he gave me the price. To my shock, it was $120.00 more than at West Coast Armory and Wade's is about a twenty minute drive away! I then asked the sale's person if I could look at a Kimber .45 that was sitting in the case below me I noticed. He kind of snorted as if I was bothersome or I was annoying him. He handed the pistol over, I looked it over and asked him if he has fired this particular pistol, he said "Yes". So, I asked "Well, how does it shoot and handle", his reply "If you utilize proper shooting techniques you'll do just fine...." So, he basically slapped me with an insult, like I do not know how to fire a weapon. I couldn't believe his answer and the way he said it, he said it in a way where he was looking away from me and then yawned, like he really didn't care. I was interested in the pistol and was thinking of buying it, after his little insult I handed in back and walked out of the store.

    I will never go back to Wade's or wait another two years like I did before, today. West Coast Armory will be getting my business from now on, a good bunch of guys there and friendly. I guess I am guy use to good service (most of the time) coming from eastern washington.

    This is just my opinion and my opinion only.This is what I observed today while visiting the two gun shops.
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  2. supergenius

    supergenius 206 Active Member

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    Wades is garbage. WCA is a rweally nice shop.
  3. raverm

    raverm Bellevue, WA Member

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    Glad to hear you were able to gain a good experience with WCA. I've only been to Wade's once, but it's unfortunate to hear that this happened to you.

    Just a heads up, you should definitely check out the WCA located in Bellevue too, it's just off I-90 in the Factoria area (a 15 min drive from Issaquah). They've got a nice range in the back as well :)
  4. sailorman2010

    sailorman2010 Kittitas County,WA Member

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    I've heard about there range and I think I know where it is located. I'll check it out next time i'm over that way.
  5. ChicagoGuy

    ChicagoGuy Woodinville, WA Member

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    I have no idea how Wade's still draws customers. I've bought a number of firearms from WCA in just the last year, and I literally have to drive past Wade's after work to get to WCA. The staff at WCA is knowledgeable, easy to work with and they are almost always the best deal in town. Wade's is the opposite in every respect. Ok, to be totally fair, I can't say that Wade's guys aren't knowledgeable - it's hard to tell when the guy behind the counter can't be bothered to talk to you in the first place.

    WCA is my go to place (and I'm a member now at the Bellevue range too), and everyone I shoot with knows to go there now instead of Wade's. But hey, Wade's has that coffee stand in the back part of the lot. Maybe the girls drive up the prices?
  6. chuckbiscuits

    chuckbiscuits West Seattle New Member

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    I'm not a big fan of Wade's. Overpriced, lots of attitude, a bunch of weiners, IMHO. Better places to spend my $ in the area, for sure.

  7. Abunai

    Abunai Puget Sound Area Member

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    I've wondered for years why Wade's has the business it has. Most of the folks there don't seem to be really experiences shooters - maybe they don't know any better?
  8. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe Lower Yakima Valley Well-Known Member

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    I think Wade's draws a large Microsoft crowd -- people with money burning holes in their pockets. But also rents are higher where they are than rents in Issaquah where West Coast Armory is. Those both contribute to higher prices. I can't explain the attitude, though. I've seen bad attitude in a lot gun stores, though.
  9. Wenis

    Wenis Tri-Cities, WA Member

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    I find the best prices at Federal Way Discount Guns off pac-hwy. I've never found someone that sells a new gun for less. Tiny place but packed full of guns. They sell high volume to offset small profit. There is a crowd in there for a reason so have an idea of what you want. They carry the good manufacturers, though I wouldn't call Taurus a good manufacturer, but they carry that stuff too if you're a baller on a budget.
  10. Topper

    Topper Seattle, WA Member

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    Given Wade's location I’m sure that plays a part in the markup, and they certainly get a lot of business from the casual gun owners in the redmond/bellevue area. I can forgive their prices (I haven't bought from there in 6 years), and they serve a function in keeping city folks conditioned to a gun shop's presence.

    However the attitude... that is where they really do suck... My experiences lately have been 100% identical to the OP's, so much in fact I'm pretty sure we talked to the same guy as I remember that same 'if you use proper technique' brush-off answer in the past myself.

    They used to be a lot friendlier in the 10 years I’ve gone there, and a lot of good guys who used to work there are gone now. I was just talking to one of their former sales guy a couple weeks ago, and even he flat out told me the staff isn't as friendly as it used to be.

    WCA is awesome, I like the prices at FWDC but some of the patrons make my eyes roll… :rollingeyes:
  11. FALgood2go

    FALgood2go Seattle New Member

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    Customers with more money than sense & experience probably explains alot. I've gone to Wades for over a decade, but haven't bought a firearm from them for several years. I recently called for a quote on several guns. Their prices were full list and higher (even for common guns like a Glock 17). If in the area, I may buy low priced supplies from them out of convenience, but they won't be seeing any of my gun buy money with their ridiculous prices.
    As for attitude - - - I don't really notice or care about that. When I go into a gunshop I'm dialed in on exactly what I want to buy. In most cases I know more than the salesman about the particular firearm and have likely run and own one already (the salesman has to have some familiarity with a lot of different models).

    I spend a lot of time east of the Cascades. I find all the Puget Sound ranges to be overpriced and limited. (Due to lack of open space and cost of real estate.) Finding a range in eastern WA where you can shoot a rifle 500yds+ is no big deal. It may not be a very fancy facility, but at least you can properly shoot a rifle. It won't cost you a ton to do so. But this probably isn't an option for most people.
  12. boxer13

    boxer13 PNW Active Member

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    Wade's is super expensive because they cater to clientele that can afford those prices. Thus people like me don't really have any business being there. The service I got wasn't bad but again when everything is priced so high compared to most other shops its impossible to justify picking up anything there.

    Haven't been to WCA but next time I'm in the area I will check it out for sure.
  13. SonicBlue03

    SonicBlue03 Snohomish Well-Known Member

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    WCA wins every time on customer service alone. The last time I was in Wade's their smugness cost them a large gun safe sale.
  14. LegendaryPikkle

    LegendaryPikkle United States New Member

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    I used to work at Wades, and I agree with everything said here.
    Wades is pretty rediculous. I was picked up on range side from day one and regretted it thoroughly. The amount of pay doesn't rate the lead poisoning and your average Microsoft enployees bad firearms safety knowledge with a .50. I have to say I felt safer back in the infantry in the marines than at wades. And had a lot fewer guns pointed at my head (lol).

    The reason your treated bad at wades is because the employees are treated bad at wades. By wade. Now that's no excuse but your literally told there to make a sale or move on.

    One guy was fired for sticking up for us employees and customers.

    Again this is not justifying being treated like garbage. But if your boss is raging on you constantly, well...it trickles down stream.

    Speaking about employees. All of them are very knowledagble in the firearms category, all are prior military or police.

    Anyways this is my first post, but i felt I needed to fill some people in on that place. Go to WCA.

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  15. mortar maggot

    mortar maggot western wa Active Member

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    both WCA's and Wades are in convenient to Microsoftee's work and living areas.

    But WCA is polite and have good prices, Lance (as I recall that is his name) the owner is a good guy also.

    I had a doctors appointment just the road a bit from Wades, his price on a S&W CORE was $750, I picked one up elsewhere for $607.50.

    That is just a huge markup, $20 or $40 is one thing but $142.50 is too much.
  16. ATCclears

    ATCclears Seattle area, WA Well-Known Member

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    WCA has an additional location up in South Everett near Paine Field, and the service matches their Bellevue location.

  17. 8ball

    8ball WA Quit talkin' and start chalking!

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    Wades is terrible on pricing and service. WCA has better service, but I wouldn't say they have great pricing.

    I went in there recently determined to buy a high end AR, and their prices are ~20% above what you'll find on deal sites like slickguns.com. I don't expect them to match online prices, and I don't mind paying slightly more for a local gun store, but I spoke with two sales guys and neither of them was willing to do anything. I wasn't rude - I just asked them if they could match the distributor pricing that other dealers were offering.

    I've already spent a thousand bucks at WCA this year on range fees and ammo, so you think they'd be willing to move a bit on prices, especially given that they are well overstocked right now on rifles.
  18. Mr Smith

    Mr Smith 54 68 65 20 73 74 69 63 6b 73 Active Member

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    Have you tried Rainier Arms in Auburn?

    AR's are all they do!

    I bought a suppressor from Wades back in 08 and they were busy, yet reasonable to deal with back then.
    Sad to hear how bad it has gotten there.

    Also been reading some of the horror stories of their indoor range, and that is enough to make me never want to shoot there.
  19. 2506

    2506 Seattle Well-Known Member

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    Someone somewhere once told me "friends don't let friends go to Wade's."
    Sage advice.
  20. Brutus57

    Brutus57 Skagit County Well-Known Member

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    What Wade's has, or had..... they have been there on the Eastside a LONG time. In 1990 they had the rep as THE Eastside Gunshop, back when Bellevue had only one building you might consider a skyscraper and I was working near the Wilburton trestle. I knew some shooters back then who swore by them. Not sure these days.

    Brutus Out