West Bremerton dirt road.22 plinking?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Hojo, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Hey Ya'll. Just joined the site since I got back from deployment on the USS John C. Stennis CVN-74. I lived in New York before I joined and rarely shot because of the distance between ranges and the inability to find a good outdoor spot far out enough to shoot. I mostly shot pellet rifles and pistols in my backyard to pass the time but now that I am stationed here I am getting my conceal and carry. I just bought a ruger 64 tactical .22 semi auto rifle and hate the magazine feed and constant jamming of the rifle. I also hate how difficult it is to get .22 ammo. Plan on getting a better .22 rifle and a nice .22 pistol when I have the money. Any suggestions on each? I hate the look of the browning buckmark and ruger mk III but hear they are the best so I might have to bite the bullet and get one anyway. Eventually I will buy a Colt 1911 .45 (my dream gun) just for protection and monthly shooting. Will also purchase a 30-06 and compound bow for hunting. That's pretty much it for me, any tips or info would be appreciated. I'm not to keen on rifles and pistols but would like to learn more about the terminology and such.

    ANYWAY: to my real question.

    I am thinking about becoming a member of the Kitsap gun club but would much rather find a safe place to shoot my .22's a little bit. I have been driving around, looking at google maps for open spaces and asking around and no one seems to know. Every time I find a good area on google maps I get there and it is a gated dirt road or says "no target shooting. I live close to kitsap lake and want something close by thats safe and legal to plink at. If you have any suggestions to a safe, legal spot to shoot at please help me out. I would like to travel about not much further than 20-30 minutes a day to get some target practice in. I will always clean up the targets and shells when I'm done. Thank you for any help and look forward to future forum discussions.

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    You not going to find what you want around Bremerton. Open areas are hard to find mostly due to selfish jackwagons who cared not for what the trashed.
    Have you been to KRRC. Do you know what rules there are at KRRC. It is a great place and pretty liberal with the rules.
    PM me if you need questions answered about the club.
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    Welcome to NF!

    The best to you,

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    Welcome aboard:thumbup:

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