were stripped of Second Amendment rights by Democrat President

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    Dear Patriot,
    2nd_defends_1st_jpg.jpg Tragedy struck our country again on September 16, 2013. A crazed man with a gun opened fire on unarmed, innocent individuals at the Naval Yard in DC. (Incidentally, the soldiers at the Navy Yard, like all military bases, were stripped of Second Amendment rights by Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1993.) Like clockwork, the left quickly decided to capitalize on the death of Americans by blaming the gun, not the individual. If we don't fight for our gun rights, Obama and his cronies on the left will do everythingthey can to take them away.

    Tucson. Aurora, CO. Sandy Hook. These were all tragic events where people died or were injured due to the horrendous act of an individual who happened to decide to use a gun as their weapon of choice. Guns are not the problem, but to people like President Obama, our freedom is. He strives daily to attack our freedom because he desires one thing. CONTROL. We must continue to fight his tyrannical desires or our Constitution will be but a mere memory for future generations.

    Like the disturbing hypocrite that he is, President Obama did two contradictory acts following the shooting at the Navy Yard. For the American people, he gave a speech in which he continued his attack on our right to bear arms. For the al Qaeda Syrian 'rebels', he waived the ban to arm terrorists thereby clearing the way to provide them military assistance. That's right. Our president gave the okay to arm al Qaeda, the very terrorist group who is responsible for countless terrorist attacks against this nation, including 9/11. Will you stand for that?

    We cannot give up in this fight. The left is counting on that. But, our republic and our freedom are simply too important. Is that daily latte or hamburger worth giving up to help us in this fight for freedom? Whatever you can contribute will be greatly appreciated and put to good use to fight the tyrannical ways of big government.

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