went up Hillockburn and NFDR 45 today, 45 closed

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by djgaloot, Apr 23, 2011.

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    I wanted to go to Memaloose gravel pit today so I thought I would take Hillockburn to rd 45 and go in the back way. 45 was closed for logging operations. I do not know if it was open from the Hwy 224 side. I decided to go back and look for the gravel pit off Hiilockburn. The only place i found to shoot was right at the end of the pavement and up a small dirt road to the right, It was a well used area with a decent backstop and about a 50 yd max range. Is this the right spot? It did not look like a gravel pit. In any case, met some nice folks and got a chance to try and sight in a couple of recent acquisitions; mostly .22s.
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    there is a big gravel pit on the left hand side just before the road turns to gravel, but it's been gated the last couple of times I've been up there. Back in the late '90s it was a pretty popular spot, more so than Memaloose, IIRC. There's also the old landing above Fish Creek....anyone know if it's still open?
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    I know exactly the spot your talking about, I go there when the spot right off the road by the tillamook ( spell check) national forest sign is full. about a mile or less before you took that right. Although last time I went they blocked all that off with a new gate, dirt burn, and huge boulders. I was there on a Wednesday and by the next Wednesday is was all sealed up. I'm thinking the 4x4 idiots that kept bypassing the second set of gates going back did it. I was friendly with an old Guy that would patrol the area in his Toyota 2wd pickup. He had a radio and a badge but never asked if he was forest service or what. He had all the gate keys. He was cool, we would BS and laugh at the young kids doing dumb stuff. He loved catching them.I guess I'm old enough not to be a young punk lol. I've even bummed a few trash bags from him to catch up from the losers dumping junk. Old duder found a freaking boat dummped years back. Anyway had to share my experiences with that spot.

    Dug up a picture I took the day I went up last. Dam November 2010!


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