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Well this is a nice site for shooting enthusiasts!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Revolution, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Revolution

    Revolution Sultan, Wa New Member

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    I started collecting a few rifles after some friends took me out one day about 6 years ago for some target shooting in the hills near Granite Falls (Wa).
    I was the guy who showed up with an old (Dang old and fairly dangerous) model 43 Marlin pump shotgun that was handed down to me from my Dad who got it from his Father.
    The guys were shooting clays and I actually did pretty well with the antique until the firing pin broke!

    I was hooked and amazed at the collection that they brought with them that day.
    They let me shoot everything they brought and I had a blast.
    From pistols and M-1's to Ar-15's and an AR-10 (WOW!)

    So... Yeah, I was hooked.

    I started shopping and watching other forums, learning and studying what I needed to know to collect, build and maintain my own collection that I could share the next time we take a new shooter into the hills for a day of shooting.
    First, I replaced the old Marlin with a nice Mossberg silver reserve that I love to shoot.
    ... And then I got interested in building...
    I have built a few Kalashnikov variants from the basic Romy "G" model ( I have since retired that ugly stock and replaced it with a nice piece of wood furniture) to my pride and joy (Of my AK's) my Polish under-folder.
    It's gorgeous, if I do say so... and I do!
    It runs great but spends more time as a showpiece than a regular shooter.

    I bought my first AR model, a RRA A-4 which is my wife's favorite plinker.
    I love shooting it too but I can rarely pry it away from her!

    I own a few handguns from a Ruger Stainless .357, a Sprigfield XD45 and an XD9 and my newest carry gun, a Sig Sauer P238 .380.

    My latest build is a Saiga 12 gauge that started life as a modest sporting rifle and is now... Well, a little different....More and more!

    Too many more in the safe to list here but I look forward to meeting good folks here who share the same passion of going out to a safe spot in the hills and hit some targets and clays.

    Nice site.
  2. PinkhamR

    PinkhamR Altus, Oklahoma MSgt, USAF (Retired)-FFL Lifetime Supporter

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    Welcome aboard Rev, you are going to enjoy it here ...... great place ...... 'Have Fun" ..... :thumbup:
  3. Page.k

    Page.k Seattle Active Member

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    I'm from that place called Seattle.. Good to have you with us. I also reload and maybe getting back in to hunting. Stop by the chat box sometime and say hello. For me is a 1911 or my old 44mag. I'm a ex-Navy guy my self. Nice Photos you have linked....

    Smilies - Northwest Firearms Community
  4. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg WA Well-Known Member

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    Howdy and welcome, Revolution
  5. rusobr2

    rusobr2 prineville,or Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    welcome to NWF ! poke around a bit , and enjoy yourself----

  6. moose

    moose northwet coast Well-Known Member

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  7. 19 Adam

    19 Adam rural Clackamas County, Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Great intro! I hope you enjoy the site and post often. Good to hear there is another wife who enjoys the sport.