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Hey. I'm Mitch. I have lived in the Everett/Marysville, WA area my entire life, and have been in Arlington for a little over a year now.

At 22, I am probably one of the younger crowd on here. I've had my CPL since shortly after my 21st birthday. Purchased a Taurus PT111 as my carry, and have been slowing building up a small collection of rifles since then. The newest addition was today, a Mosin Nagant 91/30. I plan on going out tomorrow morning to try it out.


Oh, and if anyone has decent outdoor spots in Snohomish County, hook me up. It seems like most of my old spots are done. :(
Welcome to the board, don't worry about the age, the gun is the great equalizer in more ways than one, all it takes to make buddies is something in common and if we weren't into firearms we wouldn't be here :)

Nice score on the 91/30, they're a ton of fun to shoot, love that bassy report like artillery going off
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