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How, where?
What Ive been seeing is a lot of conservative voice has been silenced when they promote hate speech and outrageous conspiracies. But I haven't seen any silenced from expressing their political views. Lots of conservative channels out there to tune into.

Regarding the ammo seller who won’t sell/ship into “dangerous areas” - I say ‘Good for them’.

Eventually, they’ll be facing lawsuits for supplying ammo to inner-city gangs. Of course, the result of that will be to restrict the gun rights of the Good Guys. Tighter “red flag” laws, maybe - but with absolutely zero effect on the gangs.
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Old Dog

I'll bet you do love that D and go back for more and more....
Gosh, you must think you're pretty funny. When you grow up, perhaps you will be able to move out of your mom's basement and learn how to hold adult conversation.

Getting back to buying ammo online, do you really know what you are getting and will it arrive 'whole and undamaged'?
Well, before all the on-line retailers jacked up their prices, most of us never had problems. My (former) go-to supplier, SG Ammo got my cases to my front porch, whole and undamaged at (previously) great prices and usually within a week.
SG Ammo
Target Sports USA
Lawman’s Supply
Recoil Gunworks

Had all previously supplied to the door ammo service, delivering undamaged, first quality product at prices no local brick and mortar could match (save for products from Cabela’s).

As for ammo resellers not wanting to ship to known “hotspots” or what I refer to as “socialist combat zones”, I have to agree with them, even if it hurts me. Eventually, in this climate one of them will face some sorta law suit because they shipped ammo into a “socialist combat zone”. Better to not ship and eliminate that exposure.

For the good people this impacts, I see two choices, relocation or serious involvement to change the climate of your geographical area. Community change isn’t going to be coming from the government overlords, it’s got to come from within the community.
Would this also explain why I can't get 80% AR lowers shipped to my door in WA State anymore? Used to get them all the time. Now, I get messages when I get to the check-out page that they can't fill my order cuz I live in WA. It was not my understanding that so-called "ghost" guns and 80% lowers were suddenly illegal in WA. Did I miss something while I was laid up over the past 6 months? o_O o_O o_O
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