We need to think carefully.

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    Everyone knows that there is a major league push going on in many states to diminish the 2nd A.

    We know that constitutionally, we have the right to keep and bear arms.

    I am not certain that bearing long guns into private businesses is going to win the hearts and minds of those who are on the fence about the expression of the 2nd A, anymore than wearing a Broadsword on the City Bus would?

    I listened to Tom Gresham's Radio show today.

    I am certain that it is online and it was pretty informative. One guy called in from Bakersfield Ca, and said that their O.C. Movement was gaining ground until people started O.C. with Long Guns. Then the voters freaked out and banned O.C.
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    Remember the majority of Californians vote to raise taxes upon themselves to fund a corrupt government and it union employees. Californians regardless of their education are about as dumb as stumps.

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