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    Neal Knox once famously said, “If you’re taking flak you must be over the target.” Well, we must be over the target folks.

    With over a month left before signatures have to be turned in, the Recall Prozanski campaign is out performing expectations. So, as you can imagine, the nanny staters are out in force doing everything they can to interfere with, harass, and tamper with signature gathering efforts.

    The Oregon Citizens to Recall Senator Floyd Prozanski have issued a formal election law complaint against the “Oregon Democracy Fund” and the Linn County Fair for their efforts to block and harass people who are alerting voters to Prozanski’s twisted record of supporting felons and rapists and attacking law abiding gun owners.

    Pam Duffy, the Chief Petitioner for the Prozanski recall, said in a press release ” Our circulators were illegally harassed by employees of the Oregon Democracy Fund at the Lane County Fair, stopping them from gathering signatures on our recall petition. That clearly violates established Oregon law and we want the Secretary of State to investigate and fine them for each person they stopped from signing our petition.”

    The complaint also alleges that Lane County Fair employees illegally stopped recall petition circulators from canvassing inside the fairgrounds and even confiscated the circulators’ clipboards and petitions while they were inside the fairgrounds. Looks like Floyd’s enablers hate the First Amendment as much as the Second. While the signature gatherers lost many valuable signatures as a result of the petty harassment from the women of the “Oregon Democracy Fund” it also proves that these freedom haters are scared.

    In the press release Pam Duffy said “We are discussing our legal options beyond making the election law complaint as we believe that the individual employees of the fair and the Oregon Democracy Fund are personally liable.”

    Clearly the gun grabbers are on the run. We still have work to do to make this recall successful. But we are making great progress. We want to thank our friends at the Recall Chuck Riley campaign who donated the balance of their PAC account to our efforts. This battle is costly but we are closing in.

    We have no doubts Prozanski’s minions will be amping up their efforts to harass the recall campaign. We’re prepared for that. Please consider helping us pay for this very, very, expensive, but critical effort. You can make a donation to OFFPAC, which is currently the only organization to fund this effort here. Please be sure to pick “Political Action Committee” from the “Donation Category” drop down menu.

    Donations to our PAC qualify for an Oregon tax credit so your contribution may cost you nothing. Thanks for your continued fight for our rights.

    Oregon Firearms Federation
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