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Waterfowl hunting

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by 284guy, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. 284guy

    284guy Woodburn Member

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    So I was thinking it seems most duck/goose hunters have a few spots to hunt and depending on the weather or time of season they are really hot or not. Anyone interested in getting together and sharing spots? Your goose field in the corn and mine in the wheat? My ducks spot on the coast and yours on the willamette? Maybe a few of us could get into better more consistent hunting especially if combining decoys.
  2. usmc0311

    usmc0311 Portland Member

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    I've never been waterfowl hunting, but have been thinking about giving it a shot (no pun intended :laugh:).. I'd be happy to at least get some tips on places to go where it's not a warzone..
  3. s_ribs

    s_ribs Tigard, OR Member

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    Same here. I went once probably 10+ years ago when I was a kid but would like to try it again. Fun time spent out hunting + great meat to stock the freezer = me happy!
  4. gtivan

    gtivan Salem Member

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    Been duckhunting for over 25 years on the same stretch of the Santiam. Just float and jump shoot.

    But the amount of hunters has declined drastically. Used to share the river with 2-3 other groups each time. Last several years rarely see any other hunters. And the duck population is going back up. Still some steelheading going on.

    still a lot of people i know do decoys and blinds. Just never had the patience to sit in one place.