WASR AK47 with LOTS of extras

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Bill Siegle, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Looking to ***SOLD*** this FTF in the Clackamas area. Not willing to ship,trade, or break up the set. Trying to thin the herd a bit :)

    Got a great shooting WASR AK here. Added a side folder, some Tapco furniture, and a Phantom style muzzlebreak. This gun has been 100% reliable for me through about 500 rounds of Wolf and Silver Bear ammo. Just hasn't been pulled out in too long so it's going to fund the next new thing whatever that may be. Comes with a crapload of extras: Lots of mags(10s,20, and 30s), the original wood, slant muzzle break, original grip, and sling. Now for the fun part........all of it goes for ***SOLD*** :robot: Won't be dropping the price any on this one so don't hesitate. You have a coplete SHTF kit here minus the ammo!


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