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    I've searched and can't find one, does such thing exist?

    A friend of mine in NJ belongs to the NJ2AS that lobbies specifically on local issues at the state, county, and city level. My friend got me listening to the Gun For Hire podcast hosted by the founders of the NJ2AS (I think they're the founders...) and it's pretty interesting and informative. The NJ2AS keeps it's members in the loop on local issues, organizes rallies, takes members to lobby on it's behalf to the state capital, has a monthly newsletter vie email, a FaceBook page to help keep people informed, etc.

    So again, does something like this exist? If it does, please point me in that direction so I can donate my time and money. If it doesn't;
    • Has it ever been considered?
    • Is someone curretnly working on it?
    • Do they need help?
    Thank you for the information.
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    We have the 2nd Amendment Foundation.
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    We also have Gun Owners' Action League, spearheaded by WAC's Joe Waldron, do a search on Yahoo groups for "GOAL-post".

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