The Klickitat County Firearms Training Facility near Dallesport, began operations on June 21, 2019. It is a brand new range operated by Klickitat County located on Highway 197 near the junction with Washington SR-14. It is just north of The Dalles, Oregon and offers pistol and rifle shooting to a distance of 100 yards. The view from the range overlooking the landscape bordering the Columbia River and snow-capped Mt Hood in the distance, are worth giving the range a try.
Klickitat County Firearms Training Facility - A Public Range | Klickitat County, WA

Range Fees & Hours

Hours of Operation and Scheduling
Current hours of operation will be:
Friday & Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. or 30 minutes before sunset whichever comes first.

Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. or 30 minutes before sunset whichever comes first.

The Range may be closed due to weather conditions. Please check the Klickitat County Website in the event of inclement weather.
More days and times will be available as needed.
Scheduling of events will be set by the Chief Range Safety Officer.


$15.00 per two hour session
Cash or Check only

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Is this the same range?
Just added a listing for this :)

I live in the western end of the Gorge on the Washington side, and it is always nice to see new ranges open up.

However just by looking at the site it seems that this new range primarily caters to bench rest rifle shooting only? (Seeing notes about no open carry handguns except for Law Enforcement, bullseye targets only, etc.) At least from my perspective it would be nice to see more ranges that allow a wider variety of training such as holster practice, multiple target engagement, etc. Holster practice I can do at Safefire (in Camas) which keeps me coming back there on a regular basis, and I think anything allowed beyond the "basics" of a traditional range is a huge attractor.

Not trying to complain of course, I think it is great every time a new range opens up, but I know I would travel further and pay more of a premium for a range that allowed or encouraged practice of more real life applicable skills, particularly with rifles. Give me multiple targets at different distances, moving targets, moving shooters, position shooting and barricades, set up a 360 degree shoot house, set up shooting at multiple angles, crank it up to 11, and the wallet will open up! There seem to be a ton of ranges like this in Texas for whatever reason, but none here :(.

(Or I guess just TCGC allows some of it, but the waitlist is miles long)

Am I an outlier and everyone just wants to sit down at a bench and shoot a bullseye, or are ranges a little behind what people are looking for?

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