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2x4 is more convincing. Nail your sign to a 2x4.

Shouldn't be any issues, no problems in Salem.

Which one?
C&R or modern?
Well I revamped 5 of my previous signs that were made out of cardboard and did not hold up too well in the rain last time.

I used some old 1/8 in plywood that I had laying around.
Granted I am but one man and can only carry two at a time I plan to have others that are meeting me there to carry one of the other three so if anybody wants to meet up at the rally then look for this big Bad Bascom.
I plan to get there early around 10 a.m. and get close to the Rally Point, So you will probably walk right by my truck on the way to the rally.
Don't be shy, stop by and say hello.:D


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