Washington County Commission Needs to Be Contacted

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    So I sent in a few notes to the Washington County Commission and they don't appear to really care and all I've gotten is a canned response. This same thing happened in Clackamas until they got 200 or 300 responses in a few days according to Kevin with OFF. So I'm hoping Washington County residents will write in to the Commission and demand they protect our 2A rights like so many other counties. This is especially important now that the corruption in Salem is so apparent with Federal investigations and a new Governor.


    What I wrote:

    I am writing you in hopes that you will consider and propose a resolution to protect the 2nd amendment rights of Washington County residents. The historic amount of money that came from out of state sources across the state , but also specifically here in Washington County is staggering and was an obvious attempt to buy our Legislature. What did Michael Bloomberg and Tom Streyer buy from Chuck Riley? They don't live in Washington County and have no interest in the citizens here. The purchased his vote. I encourage you to stand up and represent the people of Washington County in protecting the natural rights granted to us and guaranteed by our state and federal Constitutions. I ask that you join Baker, Crook, Douglas, Klamath, Lake, Polk, Sherman, Union, Wallowa, Wasco, Wheeler, and Yamhill Counties in standing up to corruption at the state level and protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens of Washington County including myself. Thank you.
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    Do you mean contacted verbally or physically? I'm here to help in either case. :D

    What do you mean the corruption in Salem is NOW so apparent? It's been right there for all to see for DECADES! o_O

    Anywho.... I rant. Great job rallying your WashCo residents!!
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    Sent mine.
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