Washington: Clark County Home Based FFL & Zoning???

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    I am prepared to get my FFL-07 I was wondering if anyone had any experience with zoning issues I am Zoned R1-7.5 40.220.010 I am in the urban county not in the city limits. I read in the pamphlet on the minor home business permit from the county and looked at 40.260.100 basically it says I am good to go as long as I have no retail sales from my site... I will be wholesale to government only!

    Now should I just apply for a Minor Home Business Permit to be on the safe side? I have tried to talk with someone in the county community development and the BATE but that lead to dead ends! I have the paperwork filled out ready for prints and postage just need to verify the zoning issue? So if anyone has any experience approval letters or interpretations etc. in this please chime in!

    40.260.100 E. Home Businesses – Exempt.

    1. Home businesses that meet the standards in Section 40.260.100(D) and the following standards are exempt from review by the county:
    a. In urban areas:
    (1) No use of accessory structures for the home business;
    (2) Maximum of two (2) employees who come to the home business location, with one (1) parking space on-site for each nonresident employee;
    (3) No customers that come to the home business location;
    (4) No outside storage;
    (5) No heavy equipment; no more than one (1) home business-related vehicle;
    (6) No on-site retail sales.

    Ohhh... I know all about ITAR I am in the Export World with aircraft Some small aircraft and avionics are listed as Implements of War as they are used by military around the world so please keep on subject zoning and FFL please.

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    If you meet the criteria, I would apply for the permit since it's low risk.

    Also, a tip for you on business name - don't put anything obviously firearm related in the name if you want to reduce potential hassle with banks etc.
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