Was thinking of a Glock 17 to go with my Ruger PC 9 that has compatible Glock


magazines. I have a number of 17 round and 30 round Glock mags for the Ruger PC 9 and have seriously thought of buying Glock 17 gen 5 mod. But am conflicted because I have a number of SW, CZ and Springfield 9s as well. But the compatible Glock mags make it very attractive to buy the Glock 17. In the face of the civil disturbance I'd think that if all hell breaks loose, having the same compatible switch off mags for one or the other would be be great. But I have several 9's now. What should I do?


I went through the same process. Already have a few 9mm pistols, but I picked myself up a Ruger PCC in 9mm (TALO FDE version from Davidson's) and a bunch of Glock mags.


After that, I thought the mag interchangeability would be great, and since I'm kinda over black guns and I like the idea of the Glock 19 Gen 5 but didn't want the front cutout (or the weird mags of the 19X), I ended up with my first Glock; another Davidson's order for one of their customized Glock 45s from Apollo customs. It's like a Glock 19 barrel length with a Glock 17 grip. Frankly, a 19 grip probably would have been enough for me, but the aesthetics sold me on this one.


I think I shoot my XDm better, but the mag interchangeability is the biggest reason for having the option of carrying the two together. Now, if Ruger had a mag well that took XDm mags . . . I'd still probably use the Glock mags because 33 rounds!

In the end, I'd advise you to think about it and do what's right for you and your situation, but I ended up doing it and I'm glad I did.

Side note, Davidson's has a warranty beyond any that the manufacturer offers. I don't get any kickbacks from them, but it gives me a little extra piece of mind. They also are usually the cheapest way to pick up a new gun since I have it delivered to my participating FFL and there is no additional transfer fee, etc. and my local stores rarely have the exact model I want.
Glocks are good, but I would not plan using 9mm out of a rifle.
If it hits the fan I'm grabbing my AK in 7.62. 9mm is fine out of a handgun or pdw,but if you are going to have a 16 inch barrel or longer you may as well get rifle cartridge performance out of it. At least in my opinion.
I REALLY like the PC9, never have been a Glock fan but they have certainly earned their top spot in the market. So why not. I am big on PCC's and the current stock of them (7) right now they all use Glock mags. This is always a big selling point with me, taking Glock mags even though I do not own any of their pistols. Mags are well made, always around, seem to last forever, and it's just nice to have a bunch of guns that all use the same mags. When Ruger did this with the PC line that was one of the BIG better idea's they came up with.
I went ahead and made the purchase. Now I have three more mags. I am thinking of night sights that will work with MOS. Any ideas?
Ameriglo and Trijicon make taller sights that will co-witness with the red dot of various electronic sights like the Trijicon RMR and the Leupold Delta Point.

Ameriglo makes a night sight set that is standard height that works for the MOS Glocks if you are not going to immediately use an electronic sight. Called the Trooper, they are similar in shape to the polymer stock sights, they are shallower in length front to back than other night sights out there. This is important because the dovetail for the rear sight is farther back towards the rear of the slide than non-MOS Glocks. The Trooper sight will not hang off the rear of the slide. Also, I like the luminescent ring around the front dot. I use yellow for the .40's, and orange for the 9's.


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