WANTED to trade for or buy Mossberg 500 12 guage

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by Garg, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Garg

    east of portland metro
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    Wanted Mossberg 500 12 guage, 18.5 to 20 inch, all black, dont care what type of furniture, with extended feed tube.

    Have to trade:
    Tuarus 24/7 DS 9mm Gen 2, 17+1 with 3 17 round mags. Stainless slide.
    Great shooter, with zero malfunctions, about 1000 rounds total. Very accurate. Estimated value 350 ish.
    Original owner.

    Colt 1991A1 OD .45 ACP with 4 mags. Excellent shooter, a little rough but still pretty, also very accurate.
    Stock grips, and smooth plastic "Punisher" grips.
    Unknown round count. Excellent condition functioning wise. Estimated value 500 ish.
    Bought used.

    Also willing to purchase outright for the right unit. Send me your offers please.

    Plus or minus cash on either end, depending....

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