Wanted Hunting Rifle barter for a nice website!

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by ThinkingMan, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Before you read any further please notice I am only looking to barter. If I buy another gun I think my wife is going to kill me.. ;-)
    I would like to start hunting (for food purposes) and am looking for that extra rifle you have in your safe.. Maybe you upgraded..
    I do not really care about brand. I care about accuracy.. I would like my rifle to be reliable, bolt action and semi affordable to shoot (no 7mm please ;-))
    And capable of taking a deer and if necessary defending myself against a bear. (no I do not want a 22)
    What can I offer in return?

    Well like I said cash is a issue.. Its been slow slow slow the past few months

    But I make really nice websites, I host websites and I repair computers..
    So I can offer
    Website Design
    website Hosing
    Computer Repair Services
    I don’t want to spam the board so if you email me I will be happy to share some examples of my work..


    About | Portland Computer Repair by Montavilla Computer Repair, we offer mac and PC service, Remote Services, We can come to your home or office.

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