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I want a Imbel FAL preferred metric but would consider a l1a1 if bundled with mags at a decent price (not r1a1). Parts and magazines are very high prices with inch platform so I'm not willing to pay as much for a inch compared to metric. I hate the skinny handguard on the stg 58 compaired ti the bigger ones (like picture) on FAL variant and don't really want to Frankenstein an FAL so I'm not interested in that variation. The thumbhole stocks I don't feel like messing with so I will pass on those unless its firesale price. I know from ads I usually cant find what I want even if I'm not picky but also am looking for a deal or good price and know just looking online for a month I'll probably find one on my own or wait for the next gun show in town. I'm willing to travel to Salem, Corvallis, Lebanon but I am not willing to pay more than 25$ for a transfer as that's what several charge in Albany but in Salem most shops want 45$. I would buy and trade for a Pre Ban fal such as sar, imbel, Israel, etc but I wont pay and trade 2.5k or something ridiculous. They are not worth what people ask 90% of the time on pre bans it's also hurts getting young people like me into them as I feel they are worth a premium but at 3k I'll get a scar 7.62 nato.
Trades I can put twords in right deal: 1903 rifle ww2, 30-06 german ammo, rpk74 magazine, ak74 military magazine, ak47 mags, colt or usgi m4 mags, g3 mag, knights armament rail, etc.

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