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Magnum Research
50 AE
West Linn
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I am looking for a Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 cal all conditions considered. Text me a pic if you have one and would consider selling.
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See if you can get a conversion that comes with both the 44 and 50 barrels. I'd rather have two calibers than one. I'd also suggest you get dies and learn to handload if you already don't. Good luck with your search.
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100% scam at that price!
I can confirm it was a scam. I bit, couldn't help it. Even talked him down and he was willing to ship.

It was weird because the guy would call, but I couldn't hear him. Then I would call him, but I still couldn't hear him. So we decided to communicate through email. Figured maybe it had to do with the fires.

Anyway, I asked him to send me a picture of the gun, paperwork, and box in the same pic, but with a pen or pencil on top of the box. He replied with a picture of a random box with a DHL seal on it and said it was ready to ship. I said no money until I have proof. He said He couldn't break the DHL seal. So I told him no deal.

Flagged it as a scam. Then he had the nerve to call me this morning (apparently his phone works today) saying he had another buyer and that if I still wanted it I had to get him the money ASAP. I told him I didn't want it, because he didn't have it and that he was full of ____. He told me to have a nice day.

Also, his accent was, let's say, definitely NOT southern Oregon!

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