Want my wife to try a Browning 1911-380 or RIA Baby Rock

Discussion in 'Want To Try' started by jdaddy15911, Mar 16, 2017.

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    My wife went to a women's shooting class and tried a bunch of different pistols. She didn't like the subcompact, like the Sig P938 or the Ruger LC9 because their recoil is hard to manage in a little gun. She liked shooting 9mm from a full size better. Her favorite was the HK VP9. I'd like to have her try a Browning 1911-380 or Rock Island Baby Rock in .380 before we decide. They are both a little smaller and lighter than a full sized, but bigger than those tiny pistols. Plus I've heard recoil is really tame with them. Also, I'm a 1911 guy, and she'd love to be all matchy with me.o_O
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    Assuming then she likes and wants to carry / shoot a 1911 style pistol? If so have you checked for ranges in Olympia that have rentals? I don't live down there so don't know whats there. I would start there and call. See if they have anything in a 1911 style .380 to rent. If no luck there and you want to travel further north there is a couple ranges that have rentals.
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    My dad has the Browning 1911 380 and its super mild. I live in Olympia, maybe I can borrow it.
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    Well. I like your choices. And you need to start somewhere. But don't expect your wife to be serious about guns and escape the evolutionary process we all seam to go through.

    Will she carry concealed?

    If so. It's likely she will end up owning several in time. And try several [Or all] the trigger types.
    Most of us did. :D

    Going with ''cocked and locked'' is as good as any place to start.

    But she could just buy a Glock 43 and or a Glock 19/23. And be where I am after 30 year of experimentation.
    I tried every type of trigger configuration in a gun you can imagine.

    Striker fired is what felt fastest, safest, and what I surmised would give me the best chance of surviving if I use my a gun under pressure. ;)

    Good luck. And I hope She enjoys the trip.
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