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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by spreck, May 2, 2013.

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    Before anyone starts bashing let me just say I've written and e-mailed my reps. and others 48 times in the last 2 months. I'm done writing (for now) The last letter I wrote to a rep. of mine (that is pro 2a) I suggested maybe its time to lean on the 1st Amendment a little, in the form of policy makers openly lying or telling untruths to further agendas, change laws, or enact policies. I realize politicians have done it for years but that doesn't mean we have to live with it. I didn't like writing the words attacking any parts of the constitution, But I also was hoping maybe to shift the focus of the discussion.
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    Actually, they are going after the 1st amendment, in many ways. Not necessarily the "free speech" part (yet, but in small ways they are) but right now there is a major assault on the "free exercise" part with respect to religions. It seems that the only religion allowed right now is Islam. Christianity is being ridiculed and disparaged at every turn. In fact, there is some movement afoot to court martial anyone in uniform who shares their religious beliefs...

    Although not a practicing member of any religion (I'm rather a Deist) I find this troubling. Free exercise of religion means that exactly that. If I have to be tolerant of a gay transgendered pagan emo autistic witch with a personality disorder, why don't they have to be tolerant of my beliefs?

    Is hedonism a religion?
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    Alas, as long as the media keeps hedging their bets and spewing the propaganda of the left, their precious first amendment is probably pretty safe from the kind of attacks we see on the second amendment. The Oregonian's front page today is a prime example: the whole page is full of "news" on the Clackamas Mall shooting that reveals nothing new and offers no useful information at all- it's sole purpose seems to be to dredge up bad feelings and try to keep the wave of hysteria going. Propaganda in it's finest form.

    I could go for some regulations to bring the media back to being a little more information and a little less "mind control" for the uninformed... at least require articles to be labeled as "editorial" based on content and chronological relevance standards. What they're doing right now is starting to feel a little shrill and more than a little chilling... they seem to be engaged in the intellectual equivalent of yelling "fire" in the proverbial crowded theater.
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    I'm guessing you are in a category of correspondents you didn't want to be in. When the mountains of mail and email come in, Congressional aides categorize folks, and if you rant 48 times in 60 days, you quickly get on the ignore list. Unless you gave a lot of money. Or represent a powerful group. Congressional aides watch out for the "wacko regulars" and don't take them seriously. You'll likely get a nice polite reply, but they are laughing at you and ignoring you.

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