WTB OR Want ar-15 with free float barrel

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by BaySailor, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Looking for an AR-15 in the eugene-springfield area. I'm flexible on the rifle brand. Mostly looking for the rifle only. Don't need a lot of accessories or anything. I'll probably do the customizing myself. A nice trigger would be good though.

    Also important that it costs less than what I can get it for new. I have seen some good deals here I would get but they are always in portland. But on Armslist, they are always priced more than what I could just walk into a store and buy it for. Drives me nuts.

    Lol, anyways, let me know what you have.
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    Well this is up there in price but you cant build it for cheaper. Also it doesn't need anything its ready to go. Mainly for varmint or long range target shooters. Just thought I'd show you.

    Dalphon multi-caliber model BFD lower receiver
    -Mur-1 VLTOR upper
    -Magpul PRS precision stock with monopod
    -.223 Wylde fluted barrel with 1/9 twist. Shilen ratchet.
    -Vortex viper 6x24x50 scope with level
    -Vortex 4" sun shade
    - UTG sniper pistol grip
    -Lancer free float carbon fiber foregrip
    -3 1/2 pound flat battle trigger
    -Magpul BAD Lever Extended Bolt Catch
    -Harris bipod
    -Battle comp black oxide compensator

    It comes with:
    350 rnds of
    24.2 6R Varget CCI br-4 Sierra 69 BTHP

    350 rnds of
    25 6R Varget Rem 7 1/2 nosler 55 BTBT

    5 Magpul Gen 3 thirty round mags, 3 black, 2 green with windows.

    1 ten round mag

    1 five round mag

    2500 with ammo
    2200 without



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