I'm looking for a short barreled lightweight revolver in 357.
I'm not very savvy to gunspeak but I prefer something that can be fired both single and double action.

This TPH has "made in Germany" stamped on the side and the original target and owners manual are in the box.

I bought it in 1993 from the deputy who bought it new.

I've watched these on the auctions and am looking for a fair and reasonable trade. FTF

I just realized I forgot to mention that I expect to pay some difference for the gun I'm looking for, hopefully I'm not breaking any forum rules by adding that.
I have a new in the box S&W Model 642 38 Special+P Special Talo Edition.
It is as close to a 357 as you can get without being a 357 and cheaper to shoot. It has never been fired except from the factory. Has everthing it came from the factory with it.
You can look it up on the internet. I can send pictures but they are on my other computer.
Let me know if you are interested, you can email me at [email protected]
and I can send some picyures.


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