Walther PPK or PPK/S for carry? (380ACP)

I've wanted a Walther PPK for a while now and my wife gave me the okay to buy... It's not something I'll shoot often (although I'm excited Smith & Wesson has taken over production in the state and extended the beavertail so if I choose to, my hand won't be eaten alive). My primary reason for purchase is CC and I'm torn between the PPK and the slightly larger PPK/S. Weight is VERY close (less than 2 oz. difference) but size-wise the PPK/S definitly is a bit larger. It offers 7+1 while the PPK is 6+1. I have smaller hands so that isn't an issue. My biggest problem is I can't find a local dealer in Portland-Metro that has BOTH models on hand so I can physically compare the two in person. The PPK/S seems to be all over the place, but the PPK is very hard to find for some reason.

If you have any knowledge on either I'd love the input and advice on which to buy.
A decade ++ ago, the PPK/S in 380 was my primary CCW. I liked it, as the 380ACP is better than the .32ACP which the PPK is chambered for. Please note that at the time, I wore a suit a lot, so concealment was not a problem. Also, try to avoid firing high pressure loads (e.g. Cor-Bon, Hydra-shock, etc) out of them as they were not designed to do so... At least, when I was carrying one they weren't.
One difference between the two that made the decision for me was the design of the grip. The PPK has wrap-around grips and the PPK/S has an exposed metal backstrap. That made the PPK/S less comfortable to shoot for me. That added to the PPK having a shorter grip (making it easier to conceal) and it was an easy decision.
Its a cool gun but if you are going to carry concealed then the ppk might be better. If you were worried about firepower you would not choose a ppk style pistol. Get the one you really want not worrying about one round more or less. I had one many years ago and it was very accurate due to fixed barrel. Mine was stainless by Interarms. Enjoy a beautiful classic pistol that can still be a reliable defense gun. Win Win in my book.
I too am lucky enough to carry an older Interarms US made stainless PPk. The wrap-around grips of the PPk do assist in control compared to a bare backstrap. I have made it very reliable, and it really does hide in a pants pocket. Plus, it is simply beautiful. That said, if I were to need to replace it today I would probably buy a Bersa .380. These are made in Brazil to very high standards and are renowned for reliability and lack of defects, using the same basic design as the Walther. AND they cost half of what the S&W Walther does, with no factory recall like most of the S&W models had.....................elsullo
Either one will work fine. I prefer the PPK/S but it is a personal choice. The size difference isn't enough to matter.

My PPK/S (Interarms made) is reliable, accurate, and I have several grip choices. My favorites are a set of checkered cocobolo grips that give me excellent control. I did send it to Cylinder & Slide a few years ago to have the action smoothed and lightened. They do great work and it made a good gun better. It is the only small 380 I have that I will spend a lot of time at the range doing real target work.

Natty Bumpo

I have owned several of the Walther PP series over the years, in .32, .380 and .22 and in PP, PPK and PPK/S. All were West German made, Interarms imports. I cannot comment on the newer SW licensed varieties, although I can't say I was exceptionally impressed with the one SW PPK I shot awhile back. I would probably consider the Bersa over the SW if price were a major factor.

The West German Walters are outstanding guns, exceptionally well made, as accurate as the cartridge and a classic, beautiful piece of work. I found I could shoot the PP or PPK/s the best. The PP and PPK/s with the full-length grip pointed well and shot fast (especially in .32) and had reasonably good (but not outstanding) heavy DA triggers and very good in SA. The fixed barrel design lends itself to superb accuracy over the typical Browning design. All mine in 380 were absolutely, positively dependable with any ammo, including the ordinary HP's of the day, such as Silvertips. I've kept two and don't shoot them all that much anymore. I have to say that I liked the PPK the least because of the grip, but I suppose that's a matter of preference.

The only other classic 380 in the same class (including the Colt 1908, the 1910 Browning, the Berettas and the double-stack Savage) would be the Remington 51. As far as similar pieces of more modern manufacture, perhaps the Sig 230/232 might come close for some people (but not for me).

I carried the Walther for many years until similarly sized steel framed guns (like the Kahr K9/MK9) came out in 9mm.
I have both an Interarms PPK and a S&W PPK/s, and fit-finish are comparable though I prefer the S&W because it doesn't bite as bad. Other than that the Interarms has cast parts while the S&W has MIM parts, I'd take cast over MIM given a choice. My S&W is extremely reliable and accurate though and I haven't seen the causes of all the bad press the S&W made guns have gotten, not in mine anyway.


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