Walther PP 1941 Waffenamt Marked with 2 magazines and holster 7.65mm

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    The pistol is a Walther PP (Polizei Pistole), chambered in 7.65mm, with a high polished finish. The marking WaA359 is a Wehrmacht Waffenamt (literally, weapons office) inspector’s mark, put on the gun at the Walther factory in 1941 or 1942. The serial number indicates that it is a third-variation PP, of which about 13,000 were produced.

    The PP is a Double-Action/Single-Action (DA/SA) pistol with the ability for the trigger to be pulled multiple times on a single round in case of defective ammunition. The safety is actually a decocker and safety combined, something that surprised me for a gun of this vintage.

    The holster and magazines were captured along with the pistol. Interestingly, the magazines have serial numbers that match the pistol. The holster is perfectly flexible and serviceable, and includes a pouch for a second magazine. Inside the flap of the holster are two very faint markings, one of which shows a Nazi eagle within a rectangular box.

    The gun is better than NRA Excellent condition. The bore is bright, rifling is sharp with very little sign of use. The particles that are shown in the photo of the bore are dust, the bore is perfect.

    The only wear I see on the Pistol is the blueing wear around the muzzle from being moved in and out of the holster, and there's a little incidental blueing wear on the slide and frame..but very little. Everything works, the springs in the gun feel fine to me.

    The action is very crisp and clean, with the trigger breaking at just over 5 pounds after a creep-free pull. Operating the slide and trigger will give you the feeling that you are handling an exceptionally well-made pistol, which is certainly the case.

    One magazine spring is worn too badly to hold the slide open after the last shot (because it held 8 rounds in place for about 70 years) so I put that magazine in the holster pouch and put the good magazine in the gun.

    The price for local delivery to an Oregon resident is $2,350. Trades will not be considered. If you would like to see high-resolution color images, respond to this post with a Personal Message (PM) including your email address, and I will send you links.










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    beautiful gun

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