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    CRIME: Walla Walla police looking for pair in gun theft investigation
    Herald staff
    WALLA WALLA -- Authorities are looking for a couple whose car contained several handguns believed to have been among 27 stolen in a burglary earlier this month of Worm Ranch.

    Police say a traffic stop on Dec. 23 uncovered eight guns in a car driven by Carmen R. Smith, 33, with Pastor Tapia Nunez, 25, as a passenger.

    Officer Gunnar Fulmer’s dog, Rev, detected a scent of narcotics in the vehicle, so Smith and Nunez were told the car would be held until a search warrant arrived, police said.

    Rather than force the couple to wait for an hour or more for the warrant, officers allowed the couple to leave, said Det. Sgt. Randy Allessio.

    Officers became suspicious about the vehicle and occupants because Nunez kept his head covered by a hooded sweatshirt and appeared furtive in trying to put something inside a soda drink can under the front seat, Allessio said.

    The suspected drug was crystal meth, the officer said.

    The search also found two loaded handguns in the front seat, and six other guns in the car, Allessio said. Six of the weapons were found to be part of the 27 guns stolen Dec. 15.

    Police attempted to search the homes of Smith and Nunez on Christmas Eve Day, but could not locate the two.

    Allessio said the couple is considered armed and dangerous and are wanted on suspicion of possession of stolen firearms and possession of controlled substances.

    Smith also uses the name Carma. Nunez has tattoos on his forearms, one saying “Brown” on his right arm and the other saying “Pride” on his right.

    Anyone with information about the pair should contact the Walla Walla Police Investigations Unit at 509-527-4434.

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